OLP: 13 Seconds

Here I review a movie so atrocious that it makes Undefeatable look like Oscar material. If you thought Stakes was bad, you haven’t seen 13 Seconds.


  • joshmartyn
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 20

    this movie is very shity goofy … good reveiw as always little late for me to comment

    • Captain Librarian
      Comments: 10

      You know, it’s a real shame, because with a better script and better actors, I think this could actually have been saved. If they had a) subtly hinted that none of it was happening, b) had everything make sense once you knew the twist, c) made the band thing and the art gallery actually tie into the plot, and d) made Davis more sympathetic, we would have cared about Davis going to hell and it wouldn’t have seemed so stupid and out of nowhere.

  • VincentPrice
    Old Man
    Comments: 1

    This sure is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen

    (well, at least parts of it) and I’ve sat through Sharknado I, II AND III (and even Sand Sharks, Snow Sharks, Piranhaconda and simialar The Asylum movies….). But this one really is so bad that it is unwatchable. Hell, even that boring “Bear” is a good movie compared to this. The actors in Bear at least can act…