The Ruins

Four characterless characters in a plotless plot! It’s The Ruins! Don’t worry though there’s an amazing twist which will leave you wondering… why would they think that’s even worth doing?


  • Kenny_Carmine
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    Are you suggesting that tits and ass AREN’T important in a film?!?! Yeah but seriously, this film was garbage.

  • paintedwallpaper
    Comments: 9

    Volun-told… HA!  yeah love the hungarian music during that painful to watch mutilation.  I thought this was an ok movie until you blew it full of holes.  holes in which plants will undoubtly grow and devour this movie’s corpse.

  • turbowolf7
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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  • mojo
    Old Man
    Comments: 2

    What was the purpose of those Mayans standing at the bottom of the pyramid? They seemed to be standing there just in case they can finish the leftovers.. I mean survivors.. of the plants. How long did they do this that way? Why didn’t they already burn the plants themselves? Why are they risking it someone could escape and transport the plant virus… ah forget it, there’s no place to have a good stand in the land of plot holes.

  • wetman
    Comments: 69

    Where does the “Christmas trees, lawn chairs, whast is living down here Myans?!

  • KoiControl
    Comments: 11

    Ah, the Hungarian Dances. Who would’ve thought this video would be the thing that expanded my range of classical-

    DAMN YOU ALOE PLANT! You were supposed to heal mankind, not destroy it!

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.
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    Was that a home video I saw there? That kid┬ásounded an awful lot like a young Phelan… The line delivery is the same.