• jakedizzle
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    It could have been a lot worse, it could have been Resident Evil. Plus the main protagonist is pretty damn hot.

    • Phelous
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      Yup but that doesn’t excuse this peice of crap for being what it is.
      Like I’ve said good visuals a few good parts, but the story didn’t need to be destoryed in the manner it was.

      • RoperFDF
        A Real Turtles Fighter
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        Hey Phelous. Just found your site via Benzaie’s site. You got some pretty funny videos man (and an awesome collection of toys I must add). I can’t disagree with you enough though about Silent Hill the Movie. Granted, you’re obviously a HUGE fan of the game and that makes it extra hard to do something justice when you’re so tied to the original source material. I LOVED the first 2 games and played them many times because they had such amazing stories and soundtracks. Honestly though, I feel like the movie did a pretty great job “recreating” Silent Hill. They paid homage to many different scenes AND NAILED the soundtrack by having Akira Yamaoka do the score. I feel like you have to accept it for what it is. It’s bar far the BEST videogame-to-movie adaptation I’ve ever seen. Lots of thought went into it to keep the fans happy but at the same time, there are elements that need to be tweaked to make it easier to swallow for the average audience who aren’t familiar with the game. That movie has BALLS (Pyramid Head skins a girl with one hand and throws her bloody skin at the church door!). No need to throw the laugh track over that scene man! Even though I laughed my ass off when the old lady gets hit in the head with the rock. lol. Anyway, sorry for the rant. All my friends make fun of me for loving that movie so much. Keep up the great work. Your videos are hilarious.

        *side note, i think your delivery is funnier when you’re less animated. but whatevs

      • Rehwr21
        Old Man
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        My Theory is that this was a totally different movie, but they didn’t think it would sell that well by itself, so they slapped Silent Hill on it to get more people to see it!

        • TheThinker
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          Like Resident Evil Movies they just swiped from Random games within the series but don’t set it up right in the plot.  There is too much crap going on and the monsters just don’t seem to fit in anyway (Psychologically or twistedly [Except for the nurses and that was way too limited]).  I am a hardcore fan but they need to organize the usage of their sources fully instead of half-assed.

          The death of Cybil pissed me off and not to mention she was a kickass officer (she shouldn’t have been easily captured as she was).  Instead of using the Pyramidhead they should have come up with some other badass monster to fit with the whole cult thing.  Now going on to the cult it should have been more dangerous in not as disperate Civilians (will not all of em anyway) but some should be twisted monstrosity that serves as foot soldiers within the cult.  There is too much to point out but what I did just seems the more important story inconvience.

  • trumpy303
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    What is the barking dog bit a reference to?

  • Fanglightwind
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    I agree with u it has some good parts to it but this was just afule noting like the games at all i hope the do better on the 2nd one   since the diractor says hell do that try fallow the games better but will have to wait and see about that

  • Panda Panzer
    Panda Panzer
    Old Man
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    The barking dog is a reference to Silent Hill 2’s dog ending (quite an unexpected ending come to that)

  • KoiControl
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    …of the Pop-Tarts and hugs to come….

  • Codythesickdog
    Bat Hero
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    God I hate this movie, some people try to defend this and say this is one of the few good video game movies.. No, only Mortal Kombat has the title of only good video game movie.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    That song at the end…Is that Gothic Archies?