• Curbed Enthusiasm
    Curbed Enthusiasm
    Old Man
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    1:14 Any particular reason you chose the Phil Demmel guitar or was it just random?

  • Parappa
    Old Man
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    You know, I normally at least attempt to watch these movies before watching Phelous review em; I could not for this one, it gave me a fucking headache almost 10  minutes in and I just had to turn it off.

    So I respect your willpower Phelous for managing to watch this movie (and if you still watch movies a 2nt time to collect notes)

    Normally bad kid movies like this don’t piss me off all that much, but this one was fucking insulting to not only kids; but the whole animation art form in general!



  • Occam
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Well, give them some tiny scrap of credit for getting at least the number of siblings right, and having Nicholas actually look like the real historical figure…

    • Occam
      A Real Turtles Fighter
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      Also, for the record, the Tsar and his kids actually did sometimes go to meet injured soldiers and veterans, but it was more of the courtesy visit kind of thing…you know, like Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was doing…

  • Maleimar
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    That sardonic laughter at 18:38 reminds me of a Dingo Pictures laughter with all this stiff head bobbing. I get the feeling there is a bad-animation-singularity on the horizon and good ol’ Phelous is heading towards it at full speed. Could it be…? Is it some sort of prophetic vision of *shudder* Animal Soccer World?

    The thought alone gives me the jibblies! *jibblies*

  • Cobalt Fossil
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    I wonder if Dingo’s version of Anastasia is next. It’s hilarious.

  • Iudsaen
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    This… This fucking movie… Oh god. From the Bolsheviks IMMEDIATELY gaining power of the country after the killing of the Czar, to goddamn RASPUTIN LEADING THE BOLSHEVIKS, who are literally wearing red, to just everything. I just… I fucking can’t… You have a will of steel to have sat through this whole damn thing Phelous, deep respect from me for that.

    Odd side notes related (kinda) to the movie: When they finally found the skeletal remains of the Romanov family some of the corpses still had brains in them, despite the rest of their bodies long since having decayed. (They were majoritively identified by clothing.) No point to that, just thought I’d give some people nightmares… Also you were right about the jewelry, but the truth was more disturbing than this stupid film depicted. When the bullets were stopped initially, some of the members of the family were goddamn bayoneted to death… brutal.

    Also Stalin was occasionally referred to by the Politburo as the ‘Red Czar’ , but only ever behind his back. One of the best biographies on Stalin’s life (one of the most even handed and accurate) was actually called ‘The court of the Red Czar’ in reference to this. Also one of Stalin’s pet nicknames was ‘ZoZo’. Cute yet… disturbing.

  • Rustyinthebookbag
    Old Man
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    Random question for you Phelous: Did your copy of the movie have a sound effect of gunshots after Anastasia ran down the stairs?

    The DVD I have has that sound effect (A series of quick pops). At one point someone had uploaded the movie onto Youtube and I saw that their version didn’t have gunshots, it was just instrumental. I have no idea if there’s a way to verify it or not but I’m really curious if there’s two versions of the movie, with/without gunshots. Your review had that scene but had your narration over it so I couldn’t see if the sound effect was there.

    Also… seeing Charles Martinet’s name in the credits, I wonder if he’s the voice of the yellow bird? It sounds somewhat close to his Mario voice.

  • Aethelred
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Rasputin’s song sounds like they took half of Les Mis and put it in a blender with garbage water.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Heheh…The last cartoon I saw that used random inapropriate Tchikovsky was a weird Russian spy cartoon from the 60s. Old soviet Russian cartoons are weirdly fascinating, in an acid trip kind of way.

    Her entire family has the same face. How do they expect people to tell the characters apart?

    Bird: ::Bitch whine moan complain insult:: Anastasia. “This is the best present EVER! Thanks Dad!”

    Yup, I totally remember learning in school that Rasputin took over Russia.

    • Maleimar
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      Everybody remembers learning the history lessons about Rasputin taking over Russia. It was right after the lessons about Mecha-Stalin vs Mothra, weird blancmanges from outer space invading the UK and Mahatma Gandhis rise as a nuclear phoenix.

      School was fun!

  • Lermont
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    100 years ago — a national tragedy, today — a shitty animated cash-in. Well, let’s hope we’ll live to see the wacky animated romps “Real story of the Holocaust” and “The secret of 9/11”.

    And I really wish there was a way for Phelous to review the Russian TMNT book series, most of them perfectly combine his interests: bootlegged merchandise, TMNT and horror.

  • OrangeRider
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    So, the voice actor of Mario helped wrote the screenplay of this? That would probably explain why one of Anastasia’s sisters in this movie looks like Princess Daisy though.

    Also, nice Looney Tunes reference at 20:29. 😀

  • the_desert
    Just might make the CUT
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    Anastasia really is an alien. She says she will wear the medal over her heart always when it’s pinned to the right. Perhaps she is Vulcan.


  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    1 plothole you pointed out seems to have an explanation: Why is Rasputin suddenly in charge?

    Mind control! He used his hypnotism magic on the revolutionary commander.

    However, this begs the question: why didn’t he just use that on Anastasia’s father in the first place and avoid the whole messy civil war?

  • karignisha
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Wow there not much for me to say. This is just bad. Rather Don Bluth version even if its not accurate it told a better story…