• thisseatofmars
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    Lupa! You’re still alive! Where’ve you been???

  • happymel2
    Robert Cop
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    LOL. I may have to check this thing out. Also, it’s always great to see a new Lupa video. ^.^

    • Alex C.
      Alex C.
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      On the 10th Rifftrax should be releasing the riffed version of the movie. It’ll cost a couple more bucks, but I can already tell it’s going to be worth it.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
    Robert Cop
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    That shirt gets a 100% seal of approval.

    MST3K 4 ever!

  • snorgatch
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    So, it’s Vertigo, but with clones. And somehow the clone is the same age as the person it was cloned from, and has all that person’s memories? Does James Nyguen know ANYTHING about how cloning actually works? Anything at all?

  • CyborgPrince
    I'm THE BEST!
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    As a Hitchcock fan, I can admire James Nguyen’s taste in films, but it also pains me to see how he tries to “homage” them. First we had The Birds with Birdemic, and now we have Vertigo with this movie. I don’t think Julie & Jack was based on any Hitchcock film at least.

    When I first saw the title, I thought “Wow, Rifftrax actually paid you to review this?”, but then you mentioned that the ‘sponsored’ bit was them funding the release of this film. I was kind of hoping Rifftrax had acknowledged your channel, because that would have been so cool. Alas, oh well. Still a great review of what would become the established Nguyen tropes.

    Also, yeah. You can tell this is one of his early pieces with all those crappy CGI effects. Give his later movies something. At least they had actual sets.