Rings Rant

Zak, Tomas and I see the misery of RINGS to copy and paste it for you! Just remember before you die you see the .MOV! Also The 1st rule of Ring Club, you have 7 days to not talk about Ring Club!


  • Handsome Pete
    Handsome Pete
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    Zak looks like Count Orlok.

  • Iudsaen
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    Nice concise review Phelous. I love the Midnight screenings style free-flowing conversation style review, as it seems to let multiple different people give their opinions quickly and accurately (Whilst still being pretty funny)

    Hope to see more like this in the future!


    • Iudsaen
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      Also, this film sounds terrible from the way you described it. Yet more garbage thrown on the heap of a franchise that should have died in Japan. (Or at best with the first re-make.)

      Also… I’m going to start this off by saying I know this is kind of weird, but am I the only one who is pissed off by the Ring’s continuity? Or the popular idea of what it is?

      Samara being a child for example: in the original Ringu, Sadako Yamamura was a young woman. Rie Ino (the woman who played her) was thirty odd years old when she played her. (Not helped by the fact that she’s kind of attractive in my opinion.) So, for no reason, in the American version (and subsequently in the later Japanese films because they just followed the re-make, ironically) they made Sadako a little girl. It just feels kind of dumb and unnecessary, and a little bit creepy when you know the myth the Ring is based on (The myth of the nine plates). The only reason I can think for this is people misinterpreting the original film or just straight up changing it to cash in on the whole “scary little kids” thing (Ala children of the corn, the Shining Etc.). Either way it’s kind of annoying because you lose the more original ‘Japanese Carrie if she died and haunted motherf*ckers’ vibe and replace it with bland “EVIL CHILDREN ARE CREEPY! LOOK AT THIS INNOCENT THING THAT”S NOW NOT! AREN’T I ORIGINAL!”

      Also I hate to be an asshole but Samara isn’t a scary name. I’m not saying they should have kept it Sadako but… Really? Samara? Maybe that’s TOO nitpicky. Sorry about the wall of text but it bugs the hell out of me and every time the film gets brought up I’m reminded of the reaming a genuinely interesting premise got.

      • snorgatch
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        Hollywood movies are terrified of taking risks. They would rather rely on safe, tested formulas. This is understandable, because movies cost a ton of money to make, so there’s a strong incentive to make sure they will turn a profit. Unfortunately, this approach often backfires, because it tends to produce lame, boring, predictable movies full of stuff we’ve all seen a million times before. One of those formulas is the jump scare. Another is the dead-eyed child who says ominous things in a creepy monotone.

        • Iudsaen
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          Too true my friend. It’s sad that it’s easier to market the comfortable and known rather than the exotic and mysterious, but I suppose that’s life. Like you said, those in charge of film making are (most often) only truly interested in profit to a degree, and so profit is what they’ll aim for, not unique ideas or art, so until the consumer changes, I highly doubt the industry will.

          At least there are still some good ideas out there…

  • CyborgPrince
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    I had a feeling this movie was going to suck. It’s a sequel to a remake of a Japanese horror movie. The odds were already stacked against it. I’m not a horror fan, so I never planned on seeing it anyway. Though I did find it annoying when the trailer kept popping up as a YouTube ad. I’m like “I don’t want to see this”. And it was one of those unskippable ads as well. I mean, I’m not like my mother who can’t even watch horror trailers, but I still don’t want to see them repeatedly every time I load an online video.