• Iudsaen
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    Clutch cargo scene: winner by… default?

    God this looked terrible, you two have greater fortitude than I to have made it through this pile of wank with your minds still intact! Nice review though, and really liked Claire Napier’s additions in knowledge and humor. Great all round!

  • Zetto
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    Great review, you two played off each other very well.

    I seem to recall that the writer of this comic, Nat Gertler, also did a terrible Power Rangers parody comic that Linkara reviewed – and I also seem to recall that he appeared in the video and apologized for his early work. It’s really no excuse for making such a crappy comic (unless it was editorial mandate, which is always possible), but at least he’s aware of how much it sucked. I might be remembering wrong though.

  • Nalwonk
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    They probably just put an Issue 1 thing on it because of the whole 1st issues have collecters’ value thing.

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    Weren’t the 90’s a different time though? I’ll take your word for it though since I know very little about Quantum Leap. Actually, you weren’t kidding about the jokes. I thought you were exaggerating. O.O

  • Silverstar
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    “Weren’t the 90’s a different time though?”

    Yesterday was a different time; that doesn’t excuse shoddy writing and gratuitous shock humor. I admit though, that I did chuckle a bit at how it ended with ‘Scumm Bucket’ literally screwing himself out of existence.

    I was already familiar with Clutch Cargo before this video; yet another reminder of how I’m older than dirt.

  • AllanO
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    This comic’s art reminded me of a Mad Magazine movie parody. Appropriately enough I recall reading the parody of Back to the Future in Mad. There the Marty character wonders what he would have been called if he was wearing Fruit of the Loom, so that joke should definitely be filed under gee I never heard that one before.

  • Quan Chi
    Quan Chi
    Just might make the CUT
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    Great to see a team-up episode! Any chance of you two ever tackling the Charmed comics together?

  • CyborgPrince
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    This reminds me of those Seltzerberg movies in which the idea is that it’s a parody, which means you take the original, and just add a lot of pop culture references and toilet humor for the jokes. At least this one is aware that the main character is an asshole, but just because it recognizes that he does shitty things doesn’t make it better. Like George Carlin once said, context is key.