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  • TheSKARD1
    Just might make the CUT
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    A few things that stood out to me seeing this movie…

    When Rudd was asked what happened in New York I though he was going to mention the Statue of Liberty walking though the city.

    I was rather shocked when the traps worked on a guardian and Gozer. In the movies ghost are these translucent apparitions that it makes sense would be pulled into a trap. The traps working this way is more like the cartoon where the ghosts looked substantial, and somehow even stay puft had been put in the containment unit.

    Bringing back stay puft seemed odd. I was questioning if Gozer had just gotten confused. Sort of like, “Bring forth the destroyer. What was the destroyer for this realm? Something something marshmellow.” Which didn’t seem that far off once I saw Gozer sitting around with nothing to do as if the destroy is suppose to be out there taking care of things on its own.

    They also changed the physics of how proton steams work. In the other movies it’s like if you turned on a hose but the water is effected by magnetic fields so it drifts and squirms around as it pours out. In Afterlife it’s more like they’re ropes of energy and their movement can transfer backward into the neutrino wand.

    At one point the Ghostbusters cross the streams again. Despite the streams being entangled near them, Gozer is holding them apart at the other end. Which somehow means it doesn’t count.

    Proton streams are not electricity. It should have burned a hole through the capacitors instead of charging them.