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    Jon Protagonist
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    Yeah that’s…quite a “visual style”…
    I remember as a kid in the 80s you would still see animated stuff from the late 60s through 70s on TV from time to time and a lot of it was nightmare fuel creepy or weird. This reminds of that era, and would have felt like a bit of a relic in ’81…not to mention 91′ when they recycled this thing.

    I never actually saw the Disney movie of Beauty and the Beast to this day, and I was never familiar with the original fairy tale, but I can’t get over what a genuinely bad story it is! From the rip-off Cinderella sisters, to the bizarre rules and punishments of Beast’s castle and the old man’s decision to sacrifice his daughter, to the Stockholm syndrome romance…

    Beauty and the Beast is just a crap story that doesn’t make any sense or contain any good messages for the reader.
    How is this thing a cherished fairy tale!