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    Bat Hero
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    I wasn’t a big Power Rangers fan either. I was already an adult by the time Mighty Morphin had debuted, and I wasn’t watching PR regularly anymore by the time of Power Rangers in Space. However, I did catch this two-part crossover episode with Next Mutation and I didn’t understand why the Rangers were back on Earth. Also, since I hadn’t seen this two-parter since it originally aired, I didn’t even notice that the Ninja Turtles had different voice actors here than the ones on their own show until you pointed that out.

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    I’ve only ever saw bits and pieces of Power Rangers in Space, but judging by these clips I would’ve had a really hard time taking Astronema seriously as a credible threat. As silly and campy as Rita, Lord Zedd, Divatox et al were, they still at least sort of came off as credible threats; Astronema just looked like a spoiled teenage cosplayer.