• Silverstar
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    One possible reason the UK DVD cut all of the clips of the word “bum” being spoken could be because in the UK, ‘bum’ is slang for ‘ass’, which is very fitting for this show.

  • Silverstar
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    Next Mutation’s “We’re not really brothers so we can all potentially mack on Venus without it being incest” retcon was sure worth it, wasn’t it? They just dropped any hints of that after a few episodes and from then on the male Turtles all just bickered and dumped on Venus like a sibling. Indeed, in a lot of Turtles fan fiction of made-up continuations of Next Mutation, Venus is just their sister and not a potential girlfriend. Just one of several dumb decisions that ultimately doomed this show to a single season.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Can’t believe we’re up to 25 of these now, most episodes are so forgettable.


    Mostly I remember the opener, the vampire arc (because I liked the actress), the ones where Donatello gets captured by mad scientist guy, and the one with the ape chasing people around a house like an old Gilligan’s Island episode.

  • CyborgPrince
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    That part where Donatello put a Rank member in the clothing press was a rather dark moment for the show. I’m sure the Rank member’s screams of agony were drowned out by animal noises and wacky music, though.

    That scene with the Rank in diapers and holding baby toys…I just…I’ve got nothing. It’s something you just stare at in awe to see how low the show can really go. They built up Dragon Lord and the Rank as some big threat and their last scene is theme running away in diapers like a bunch of wieners. So much for being this big menacing threat. It’s shows like this that think kids are idiots that will watch anything.

    It’s probably a good thing that this is one of the last episodes because I’m pretty sure too much more would make you snap and go on a homicidal rampage. This show ain’t worth going to prison.

  • Goldstar
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    The Rank lost any sign of credibility they might have had a few episodes ago when a whole squad of them couldn’t take on one ordinary gorilla. It also didn’t help to find out that Dragon Lord’s only plan was to snack on the Turtles a la Sylvester the cat.

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    Why does YouTube keep pulling this video down?