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    That forced laugh clip from Final Fantasy X has never seemed more appropriate.

    Also, if Quease has access to force fields, why was he using those stupid bar restraints? Even Shredder’s flimsy tech ring from Planet of the Turtleoids was better then those. And at least April was able to actually figure out how to escape that thing… Once, anyway.

    Actually, the “I hate Splinter” clips are very appropriate since when he talks about Donnie getting burned, it’s clear he just wants to sit around playing with his balls instead of trying to save him.

  • Silverstar
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    Donny and Quease are pretty dumb for geniuses. In the hands of competent writers, a meeting of the minds such as this could’ve actually been entertaining.

    Also, why is Leo such a whiny idiot in this series? A freaking ninja shouting that spying is wrong is like a baker declaring “Cooking is not our way.” And of course, like his “NEW WAY” and the ‘hunting skills’ he acquired from a book, the would-be standoff between he, Raph and Mikey had the potential to be an interesting angle, but as always amounted to absolutely nothing.