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    I knew that Krillin clip had to be in this review somewhere.

    Mondo’s stuff all seems to come off like some demented fanfiction fever dream. There’s just such a weird combination of elements here, not just with things like the demonic Great Deku Tree and Santa’s Workshop being a lost boss fight from Cuphead, but the odd quirks in the animation like clip art cutouts and the Miracle in Toyland/Little Angels snow layers.

    It’s was nice to be reminded of that Jungle Book anime though. I remember seeing that as a kid.

  • likalaruku
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    Nice Christmas present. I was hungry for a Phelous cartoon or toy review.

    Hey, it’s the Lesser Deku Tree.

    I’m sitting here thinking about how much this reminds me of The Legend of Titanic…. Well of course is does. Same animation studio, same voice actors.

    Having all those repeat characters in the background reminds me of A Wind of Amnesia, where this town is populated entirely by infertile clones.

    I wonder how much of the run time the grunting, laughing, & dancing takes up.

    I think the jpeg images are honestly the funniest thing in this movie. The fekkin christmas banquet table doesn’t have a single drawn thing on it.

    & Fox/Fucks/Fax was a Gary Stu all along.


  • Silverstar
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    Every once in a while, you come across that one piece of work that makes you go “What even is this?!” For me, that time has come. What even is this?!

    This seems like the kind of “story” a kid would make up while playing with their toys. A really stoned kid.