The Bye Bye Man

Time to talk about the scary Bye Bye Man and all his unexplored and unexplained mythos.
Nobody is ready for Mr. Bye Bye!
Also I’m dressed like Mankind. Happy Halloween!

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    And after the Bye Bye Man falls off the edge of a skyscraper at the end of the Monster Truck Sumo match, he ends up losing his title shot when a guy wrapped in toilet paper calling himself the Yeti (ar Yet-aaayyy) dry humps him. I do love the Mankind impression you’ve got going in this one, Phelous.

    As for the movie… It’s like they just tossed together a bunch of random horror movie ideas together haphazardly and filmed the results. Between this and Silent Hill Revelation, Carrie-Anne Moss should stay away from horror movies.

    The coin thing kind of reminds me of the storyline from the DuckTales reboot where Magicka DeSpell was trapped in Scrooge’s dime.