• Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
    MY GAWD!
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    Poor Donatello:  Generally the most overlooked and least utilized turtle, he finally gets a featured episode and he follows a scientist to the dragon’s lair, gets beat up in one kick from an underling, finds out he was being lured there by a plot contrivance and betrayed, then spends the rest of the episode as the damsel in distress only to be rescued by Michelangelo by the world’s goofiest Dues Ex Machina.


    So Donatello learns nothing except not to trust your role models, and doesn’t even get a moment of reckoning with his false idol, or a redemption arc. Donatello was always my favorite turtle from childhood…but I am not even slightly surprised to see the Next Mutation screw up his feature episode too.

  • Silverstar
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    The biggest mystery of this episode was already outlined by Phelous: why didn’t Donnie just go to Quease’s lecture alone, given how the other Turtles clearly didn’t give a rat’s patoot about any of this, and how and why did he manage to convince Mikey, the team’s resident dufus who probably has to stop and think a minute if you asked him what animal a chicken wing comes from, to accompany him to something science-y? And why were the people in Quease’s audience wearing robes like they were in a cult, and why were they praising Quease at the start, then started mocking and criticizing him an instant later? And what happened to Venus’ magic? Was she so caught up in her newfound love of sports that she forgot she had magic powers? I doubt the people behind this show even know what a writer was.