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  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
    MY GAWD!
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    Wow, I will say it again…this is the worst “mainline”  Turtle property.


    Let’s address “Silver” for a moment…I don’t the shows creators ever decided his origin.

    – He says he comes from the Himalayas,  he is intelligent, the last of kind, and not a mutant…so I was assuming he was supposed to be a Yeti.

    – Obviously the “Silver” is playing off Silverback Gorillas and referencing his love of money… so let’s just play along with lazy writing and say ape and gorilla are interchangeable for comedy sake. They also keep calling him an ape, monkey, etc.

    Seriously…I don’t think they even knew.


    Also,  sure Michelangelo gets treated badly, at least they feature him in some episodes! My fave turtle Donatello has been a background character at best…and then they have Mikey make a pirate radio station in the next episode, when that is specifically something Donatello the tech nerd should be doing.

    Again, probably just lazy writing.