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    Great video, guys. The first 2 videos were the usual string of entertaining inanity, but that episode of “So Little Time” was just sad. You can tell by that time in their careers the Olsen Twins had been effectively milked for all they were worth and they had clearly had it by that time, as they were just phoning it in big time. The show was so heinously unfunny that even the canned laughter couldn’t pretend it was into it. BTW, the nanny-man was played by actor-comedian Taylor Negron, and indeed he was the only remotely funny thing about “So Little Time”.

    That show does bring to mind something I’ve wondered for years: why do so many TV shows and movies which star twins always have them coming from broken homes? (Ex: The Parent Trap, Sister, Sister, Double Trouble, So Little Time, Two of a Kind.) As if having twins on a show isn’t premise enough. Being a twin myself, I always found that baffling.

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    Another thing I’ve never understood about the whole Olsen Twins phenomenon is how none of their ‘people’ ever thought about giving Mary-Kate and Ashley separate personas, you know, so there’d be SOME way audiences could tell them apart. They could’ve at least worn color-coordinated outfits like Huey, Dewey & Louie or the Power Rangers.

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      …And even Huey, Dewey and Louie began to have some distinct characteristics beginning with Quack Pack (1996)!

      I suspect that if Ashley and Mary Kate were doing all of this by choice (and not being forced into most of it by their parents) they would likely had come up with some distinct personas for themselves. Being identical is fine if the characters are just two characters among an ensemble cast, but when the twins are in the direct center and they’re the ones who are meant to carry the show or film, they can’t be exactly alike because then there’s no play among them. I also why they bothered giving their characters on their shows different names; you’re not going to remember their character names. You’re just going to call them “Mary-Kate” and “Ashley” no matter who they’re playing!

      Honestly, Mary-Kate and Ashley just looked physically drained by the time of So Little Time. Perhaps that show’s title was a subtle hint to the audience that they were about done with the pop star thing. By this time in their acting careers they’d been milked dry and were phoning it in big time.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    My god…that montage of Mary Kate and Ashley products at the start of So Little Time.

    The sheer marketing saturation of these poor sisters, I have nothing but sympathy for whatever issues they develop as adults. I know it’s every kid’s dream to be a famous TV or  pop star, but damn they were exploited …every last drop milked for every dollar before they grew up and could make their own decisions.


    Yeah, this Allison and Phelous crossover should have been silly fun, which it was. However, it was also kind of sad for reasons stated above.


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    35:28-35:39 That’s how you get Corona.