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    Unfortunately, the Miller pushed his lies too far when he claimed his light beer tasted great. Also, now we know why there was a giant in that bottomless pit in the Goodtimes/Jetlag version of Sleeping Beauty.

    The first story seems to be done in the same style as Britannica’s Beauty and the Beast with Wednesday Addams Beauty, although it kinda fit better in that one.

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    Dunno why, but Rumplestiltskin is giving me Lord Kuruku vibes from Unico. Man if those two movies didn’t give little kids nightmares.

    Broke: Making gold to hire a housekeeper.

    Woke: Telling the woman she’d be better off marrying you than the king.

    Bespoke: Having an infant do all your chores.

    Call me odd, but the Troll is comparatively more handsome than bug-eyed beardy.

    & the moral of the story is that it’s okay to cash in on unpaid labor & kill the contract worker as long as they’re ugly.

    I like how they call him a giant, but only made him about 7ft tall.

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    So Olaf just got away with murder just because it was a troll he turned to stone. Great lesson to teach the kids. The kings in these stories are awful people, yet in the end they’re the ones that get everything they want.

    Not sure why Rumpelstiltskin had to shatter into pieces before falling into the ground. Guess they just wanted to add in the effect.