• likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    We gotta have a review of Vanpires.

    The older sister looks like Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing.

    Why would a toy store sell thimbles?

    The lightbulb looks like a cross between Mr. Stay Puft & Crazy Frog.

    If it wasn’t for the setting, I’d wonder if this was supposed to be a North Korean propaganda movie about the evils of capitalism.

    18:53 Not sure if low resolution footage or gif jaggies.

    & the moral of the story is that you should never throw away your garbage, because it has feelings too.

    Was this supposed to be inspired by that Noel cartoon about that obnoxiously cheerful talking ornament?

    • Memeforce Zwei
      Memeforce Zwei
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      I agree with your first point. I first heard of that show from Bobsheaux.

      To protect fingers while repairing stuffed toys via sewing, perhaps?

      Maybe. It feels like the spritual successor to that special.


  • Goldstar
    Bat Hero
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    So, this story’s “villain” (who’s more greedy than evil) gets stuck in a snow storm and then sees this one stupid Christmas light and he instantly changes his tune? What a non-plot.

    Also, kudos for referencing Simon Greedwell, the first boss in SunsetRiders.

    I’ve honestly never heard of Vanpires before seeing this video. Was that a Canada exclusive show?

  • Silverstar
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    Apart from this, “The Christmas Light/Brigade”, “Noel”, that thing with the kid angels and all of these other abominations, it’s like anybody felt like they could just crap out some random nonsense, toss in some faux-sentimental gobbledygook about Xmas and call it a holiday special/movie. Did households receive cheapo ‘Make Your Own Christmas Special’ kits on their doorsteps during the 90’s and ’00’s like little samples of detergent?

  • Memeforce Zwei
    Memeforce Zwei
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    The CGI in this movie reminds me of the anime Galerians: Rion.