• Silverstar
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    I always hazily remember Tank Girl and Barb Wire being one movie. Probably because they’re both quirky comic book movies made just prior to the big superhero movie boom set in post-apocalyptic societies with then popular actresses in the lead roles, my brain always registers these 2 films as being one and the same.

    It’s been so long since I saw Tank Girl that I had completely forgotten that there were kangaroo men in it, let alone one of them being Ice-T.

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    Even though I’ve never seen it, I’ve always appreciated the 90’s aesthetic of this movie.

  • Goldstar
    Bat Hero
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    My first ever exposure to Lori Petty was when she voiced Livewire on Superman: The Animated Series. When I first saw the trailer for Tank Girl and heard Lori Petty’s voice, I said “Hey, that’s Livewire!”.

  • Ryuukokoro
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    My two favorite review sites, Phelous.com and RedLetterMedia.com! The crossover I never knew I was waiting for!

    Loved this movie as a kid and it was awesome to get to hear Allison and Jack talk about it.

  • lunabuna
    Bat Hero
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    Lori Petty plays a schizophrenic inmate in Orange Is the New Black if you want to sit through 5 seasons before she gets there! She’s a riot when she pairs up with the Autistic inmate. Like, they are a dynamic duo. So much fun to watch. …Though OItNB is hard to sit through a lot of the time, so heads up, VERY Mature rating on that one. …I guess you can just skip the other seasons and won’t miss much when she shows up because we hadn’t met her before… spoilers, so you don’t miss out on a backstory or anything, but… okay, no spoilers. Just saying you won’t miss much if you skip to her. I recommend it! She does an absolutely GREAT job. Quirky and sympathetic. (Also, don’t quote me on the 5 seasons thing. I just watched the show without keeping track of season numbers.)

    • lunabuna
      Bat Hero
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      I guess I should add, to summarize, it goes like this:

      Suzanne (Autistic inmate): [statement]

      Lori Petty’s character: [paranoid response]

      Suzanne: [reasons out with oddball logic]

      Lori Petty: [paranoid question]

      Suzanne: [more reasons to logic away the paranoia]

      Lori Petty: [calms down]

      I love them so much. <3

  • CyborgPrince
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    I once saw this movie played on TV and I enjoyed it. Is it a good movie? Not really, but I really like the style and I quite enjoy the camp factor. It’s one of those dumb fun movies.

    I do remember seeing the wires on some of the kangaroos during the fight scene but for some reason I thought it was part of their battle gear, not a technical error.

    The comic looks pretty cool. I may have to find it. It would be really neat if they made a cartoon out of Tank Girl and kept it in the comic style.