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    When you blow your entire budget on the last episode.

    Terminate him: When you have the rights to adapt a series, but can’t get the rights to use the catchphrases.

    Raiden: “I’m here to save the day.” Everyone else: “Go home, Raiden.”


  • Goldstar
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    It’s curious how this episode (as well as Kitana’s role in this series in general) was all about Kitana avenging the murder of her father King Jerrod, yet her mother Sindel, who was a playable character in MK3 and beyond and had a prominent role in MK3’s story line never gets so much as a casual mention from neither Kitana nor Shao Khan. I know that there are plenty of other MK characters who were absent from Defenders of the Realm, but it seems particularly odd, given how heavily this show leans toward the MK3 story line and how essential she was to Khan’s cunning plan, that the show’s producers and writers would just forget about Sindel.

  • Silverstar
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    After seeing this I thought about how cool it might’ve been if Mileena had appeared on this show, it could’ve made for some interesting conflict, but given how badly the writers screwed up the characters and story lines that were featured on this show, it’s probably better that we didn’t get Mileena.

    Also, what was with the bird guy and those humanoid alien creatures? Edenians were humanoids, so who were they? Where did they come from? Again, this could’ve made for an interesting plot point or some world building, but as usual the producers just threw this concept out there and did nothing with it.

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    The art style is definitely an improvement. The anime-ish style works especially with Kitana.

    This episode feels more like it should have been where the series started. Kitana staging a coup that fails and the team having to regroup and rebuild to try again. I guess both DotR and Conquest were counting on second seasons that never happened.

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    It’s sort of a shame that this show didn’t last all that long. It finally started to look good and try at least a little on pacing and plotting, and it all just went nowhere in the end.

    Besides that, I would’ve liked more of your mocking reviews. Your MK videos are some of my favourites–between this & MKC it make me wish there were more MK shows to mock.