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    Well, Kabal is a more interesting Phantom than Gerard Butler. And a better looking Sonic then that CGI abomination for the Sonic movie.

    Yes, I went for the obvious joke.

    If there’s something Defenders of the Realm has in common with Conquest/Konquest it’s that it has great story ideas but terrible and lazy story execution.

    Also, Hideyoshi is clearly Siro after he turned heel and that’s why everyone fears him so much.

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    You will curse the day you did not dooooooooo, all that Kabal has asked of yoooooooooou.

    He definitely looks better without the mask. But hey, it saves on having to animate his face.

    RIP in pieces, Hideyoshi. He fought in a miniskirt & boots.

    Lol, I thought you were editing the organ music in as a joke.

    Love the way Kano’s accent effortlessly switches back & forth between Aussie, Cockney, & Pacific Northwestern. That takes talent.