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    Once upon a time, there was a beautiful prince named Phelous. A curse was put upon him, transforming him into a hermit, forced to stay in his review room until he had seen every animated adaptation of Beauty and the Beast known to man. Only the true love of Wabuu’s kiss would break him from the curse.




    Loved the CDI reference.

  • Jon Protagonist
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    I have to admit, I like the creepy tripped out style of the Beauty and the Beast animation, but it really could have benefited from a budget to make proper key-frames and in-betweens to cut down on the horrid choppiness and weird timing.

    Also Pat Morita segments aren’t long enough. America (and Canada I assume) were better when there was more Pat Morita regularly on our CRT television screens!

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    Beauty’s design seems to have a kind of goth Wednesday Addams/American McGee’s Alice thing going on there. Honestly, compared to a lot of the stuff Phelous has covered this Britannica anthology at least has some ambition going for it… and Arnold from Happy Days.

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      Wasn’t just me then… Wednesday or that lass from the Beetlejuice cartoon.

      Actually, Wedesday!Beauty makes that make a lot more sense, she probably quite likes being in a creepy house and being creeped at, and not displaying much emotion sort of fitted sort of well for that.



      Dangit, I already miss the ending Shou Khan “Aaarg” at the end of every video.


      • Otaku World Order
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        You mean Lydia? Yeah, that’s not a bad comparison.

        Fun fact: Lydia in the Beetlejuice cartoon was voiced by Alyson Court, the original voice of Claire Redfield.

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    Half expected Morita to transform into Tim Curry & start singing about Halloween.

    They just HAD to put a bush on either side of the tower, didn’t they?

    The first one stylistically moves & looks like 70s-early 80s animation, like Wizards, Heavy Metal, the animated segment of the Star Wars Christmas Special, anything by Ralph Bakshi, but the human character designs are throwing it off. 🤔

    Beauty looks like bad bootleg American McGee’s Alice.

    I never knew there was a Furry version of…. ummmm….Rapunzel? Sleeping Beauty?

    The last one would have reminded me of The Fisherman & the Turtle Princess, had she left the nest only to discover that she’d been there 100 years. But nooo…. It just had to end in a mushroom-fueled acid trip origin of The Little Mermaid.

    ::Looks it up:: LP mode is below standard quality. lol.

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    That Beauty and the Beast seemed really interesting just looking at the back of the VHS box. The gothic German expressionism style, completely different demonic-looking Beast, why isn’t this one fondly remembered?

    Then you watch it.

    Why oh why did the animation and the story have to be so streamlined and rushed out? If people actually gave this concept time and effort, it probably would have been a pretty good unique alternative to the Disney movie.