• mpalenik
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    Something weird is going on with the captcha, so I hope this doesn’t show up twice:

    I watched this video yesterday (at work) and I was pretty intrigued, so I made my wife sit through the first episode of the crossover with me last night.  I was pretty disappointed relative to Trans-dimensional Turtles.  The animation was better, but I thought they kind of crossed over into Turtles Forever territory: i.e. I got the impression that it was kind of mocking the old show.

    By the way, Trans-dimensional Turtles is actually how I came across your show.  Someone on Facebook posted a link to an article about how there had been a crossover episode between the new show and the 80’s turtles, so I googled it and came across Turtles Forever, and then I found your reviews.  Your review of Trans-dimensional Turtles got me watching the new show, which was way better than I had imagined it would be, and I thought, generally really respectful of the original cartoon.  I have to say, the crossover arc in the final season kind of soured my opinion of it slightly.

    Great to hear my theme in the opening of your review, though!

    • Phelous
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      Yeah, like I said in the review, there are a few times this crossover went into Turtles Forever territory particularly with them being too oblivious and not knowing how to use their weapons. The 1st part has too much repeated bits that Trans dimensional turtles did better and it felt silly to have to see them again.

      There were at least some parts I enjoyed though but they definitely could have crafted a better 2nd crossover with these 2 teams.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    The lamp-shading of the silliness of the 80’s-90’s Turtles goes into eye-roll territory, and I’d love to see how future iterations take apart the TMNT series for it’s flaws in being too much a product of it’s time…which it very much is.

    That being said, the 87 Turtles always seemed like it was trying to be action-comedy. Episodes with names like: “Attack of the 50ft Irma”, the slapstick and puns, etc…but it wasn’t very faithful to the Mirage comics run so it’s a take it or leave it.

    I guess it’s like the old 60’s Adam West batman, it’s played for comedy and not very faithful, but it’s a product of it’s time and still highly enjoyable camp.