• BJamesBambiMan
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    Well, this was certainly a wild movie. Not in a wolf wild way, but more of a Wabuu wild way. Also, HA! That old man bit was gold. “Get your mind out of the gutter, Woof!” 🐺 🐕

  • Anno Nimus
    Anno Nimus
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    As I expected, a pretty bastardized version of the story. Though as Phelous points out, you’ve got to edit quite a bit to make this story family-friendly. Makes you wonder why they’d bother with that in the first place, but then we’ve also got half a dozen kiddie versions of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, so here we are.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    It should be: “Call of the Mild” – get it…haha…oh you see, it’s call of the mild because it’s the Call of the Wild, but I replaced Wild with mild…which is almost like the opposite…so it’s like the opposite when you say it! get it? get it? get it?


    Also, why did these studious in the 80s and 90s keep insisting we needed a dumb kid character to be added to everything? Most of us hated like 95% of these disposable characters and wanted them out of these movies and TV shows.

    Who gave them (and Q5) this idea that you need a dumbed down sidekick character in everything???

    • Kooshmeister
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      My issue isn’t so much the kid, more the reason he and his dad are on the voyage to begin with; it’s maudlin and treacly.