• Freshstep
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    It took me a couple times through the series to actually get the ending they went with and it makes sense if you extrapolate a little. In the episode where Sam meets Beth originally, they make the comment about one of the project rules being that you cannot interfere with your own personal history. Rightfully so, it would change history, not just the “standard” history they normally changed, but the history of the project that sent him back in the first place. In the final episode, Sam went back to fix that situation that he couldn’t change for Al the first time. But, in doing so he changed his own past and stranded himself in time forever. He made the ultimate sacrifice for his friend.

    The original ending they went with is right in line with the basic morality the show always worked with. After having figured this out, what was admittedly a bit of a mystifying ending is very apt for the dynamic the show always had. I don’t think this secondary alt. ending comes close to that (but then as a setup for season 6 who knows?)

    Good video, rare find, good job, but I’ll stick with the poignant ending that I grew to love once I figured it out entirely! =^^=



  • QuantumLasanga
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    I remember seeing the alternate ending with the picture of Al and Beth and their daughters when I first watched the show. I’ve never really liked the ending of Quantum Leap, I was happy for Al and Beth but I really wanted Sam to come home. This lost would have been a lot better, giving the audience hope that Sam could come home instead of just leaving Sam to leap forever without hope of ever coming home. At least we know that Donald P. Bellisario wrote a screenplay for some kind of Quantum Leap follow-up. Sure the follow-up series or movie might not ever happen but at least we know that it’s there and that there is hope for Sam to come back home.