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    Oh good lord, haha, THIS one! I never thought you’d cover this one. That’s amazing 😀

    Also, wow, the theft on display here is unbelievably blatant. A science-fiction stealing from an Anne Rice ghost story is ridiculous.

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    And here is why Troi is the worst counselor in the universe. Her friend tells her that she’s reading her grandmother’s private journals AND getting aroused by them, and she doesn’t question the appropriateness of this, or suggest that maybe she should stop reading them because this is clearly something of an intimate and personal nature (bear in mind Beverly’s grandmother never mentioned this secret lover to the girl she raised). Instead, she encourages her to read more of them, and gets all giggly with her over how much she’s enjoying them.

    I would try to justify this episode’s reliance on ghost rape (since the ghost clearly controls Beverly’s mind and has been doing so to the women of Beverly’s family since the 17th century) by it being a Gothic HORROR story, and horror is supposed to be, you know, horrifying. But the episode then tries to soft pedal what it’s selling at the end with Bev telling Troi how the ghost made her grandmother very happy. Yes, I suppose she was happy at a ghost (or anaphasic life form, or whatever) violating her without her consent, since the ghost made sure she would be. That doesn’t make it any less rape. Or as Star Trek likes to call it, romance. 🙁

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    Welcome to the Star Trek fandom!

    Yes, there’s a lot here to enjoy and a lot of WTF on the side. While Baywatch ran on syndicated UHF and became the pop-culture phenomenon and punchline, Star Trek TNG and DS9 gave somewhat smarter people something to watch, too. It’s strange to think none of the modern Star Trek series ever ran on a “classic” big network in a prime-time slot. Not even CBS!

    I’d like to see Lupa do a review of one of my favorite TNG episodes and one of the odd great season one episodes: Conspiracy





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    In this episode’s defense, sometimes your love for a time period isn’t logical. Heck, I’m obsessed with the 50’s even though I know it had a problem or two. Still, this episode sounds so unbelievably stupid. 

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    “Rain ruining the Caber Toss?!? Fuck!!” This line right here made me laugh so damned hard. I had to stop the video and I started crying I was laughing so hard.  The every time the Caber toss was mentioned I started to loose it.

    I remember watching this episode and thinking how dumb it was. Like I’ve seen some dumb episodes of TV shows and even ones from Star Trek, but none of them seemed as  dumb as this one. I basically ended up zoning out and playing solitaire on my computer until the episodes was over..