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    Haha, your skits here definitely made this movie a lot easier to sit through. The film looks so poorly done as to be almost unwatchably boring, though luckily not nearly as much as Bevanfield (not sure if I spelled that correctly). Great cameos with Old Man too, that made me laugh pretty hard.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention this, but with the art direction looking like a crappy version Balto’s, plus some of the character designs and voice direction, this looked a lot like Balto. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if GoodTimes put this out to cash in on Balto (half-breed dog/wolf who is bullied for said breeding and has completely unfair, horrible crap happen to him constantly? Yeah, I doubt that was a coincidence). The black wolf here even looks like Steele from that movie.

    If I had to guess, I’d say they didn’t really care all that much about adapting the book this is supposedly based on, but instead made this to look as much like Balto as they could without spending too much money or getting in too much trouble for it (there’s only a couple of years’ difference between the two films).

    That’s just speculation on my part, but it fits with the general GoodTimes pattern.

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      I figured “Call of the Wild” was going to be the Balto story. But the White Fang here looks waaaay more like Balto than the White Fang from the 90s animated TV series that was on TV 5 years before this movie came out, & Blue Eye looks a bit like Steele too.

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    R.I.P. Old Man, I’m sure you won’t find a way to resurrect or something.

    That review felt particularly short which means you certainly had to trim a lot of nothing happening from that movie.

    Your cat seemed really offended by your naming choice, are you sure the name is not Tumblr the Cat ?

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    His girlfriend dog is the laziest tsundere ever. “I just met you and I hate you! Oh, now you’re leaving. Come back, I love you!”

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    Wow, Phelous actually let us hear one of the crappy songs this time? I’m so…. thankful.



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    Being that the two stories are sort of companion tales to each other, I’m hoping that Phelous also covers the Goodtimes version of Call of the Wild, since it appears to be on that same DVD collection. Quite possibly even less appropriate to adapt into a children’s movie than White Fang, it’d be interesting to see how much they sanitized the story.

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    “Used 100% guaranteed.” I can see my younger self ripping off that sticker & pasting it onto a box of Kleen-x, toilet paper, or Q-tips.

    I never knew rabbits could climb trees. Nice GTA meme btw.

    One-Eye is supposed to bring home the bacon, brings home a wife named after a baked egg dish instead.

    Lip-Lip & dog pack are so goddamn derpy looking. I can’t stop laughing at their faces.

    Good catch on the $200 inflation. 👍 I always appreciate that kind of attention to detail.

    Wow… That was a rushed romance. “Hi. You’re kind of a bitch &  have trust issues. Oh, you’re leaving? I like you now. Oh, you saved me? We have kids now.”


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    Like a lot of the other people, I too thought this was the Goodtimes adaptation of Balto at first. The character designs certainly don’t help. Given the time this was released, I’m guessing that’s the cash grab Goodtimes was going for. Don’t you just love it when dark stories are adapted and all the grittiness of them are washed out to make them suitable for kids? No wonder they’re often left so bland. At least Disney knows how to take out the darker parts of tales, but still keep the stories interesting by adding in their own stuff. Here, they just take out the dark stuff and we’re left with the husk.

    I see people over on YouTube were getting a little miffed about your Tumblr joke with the bear. Rather ironic (or maybe not) that people were getting easily offended by a joke about easily offended people. The first time I heard the bear speak, I thought it was one of your comedic voice overs, but that was the actual voice in the movie. Sometimes the voice acting in these things are so blasé that it’s hard to tell what’s the actual dialogue and what is the stuff you’ve inserted.

    Poor Old Man. I’m sure he’ll make a return though.


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    I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s fan art of this movie on FurAffinity.

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    What? A Jack London story is dark and brutal? Say it ain’t so!

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    Dammit, Goodtimes! Run away, Phelous!