• Aka Guymelef
    Aka Guymelef
    Just might make the CUT
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    Wow that EastWest dub was even worse than regular mah gawd in what the hell! I’ve… kind of become attached to those voices so not hearing them felt very weird (I hope this is not the Stockholm syndrome kicking in).

    By the way Phelous, I’m sure you know this but in France the Dingo movies were released on VHS and DVD by a company named “Fun Kid’s”. I was unable to find any info on that company but some used copies can be bought there : http://www.priceminister.com/s/fun+kids?nav=Video

    You probably have all the material needed, especially since those finnish release have such a good quality (I’m sure they’re very proud of that fact XD) but just in case.

  • Dmitry Kurushin
    Just might make the CUT
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    This… is unbelievably bad. I’ve had fan reads with friends who don’t even know English that sounded better than this garbage! And the wanted money for this? And some poor child had to watch this? Dear God, right now my Pocahontas DVD doesn’t look that bad. You see what you did EastWest?!


    I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but… Wabuu deserves better. As bad as Dingo Pictures is, looking at those frames of characters saying absolutely nothing because the two geniuses at work didn’t bother to edit anything made me realize that a quarter of a molecule of effort was used originally. And now it’s gone. Great job EastWest, great job.


    Anyway, sorry for being depressing here. The video was great and now we’re definitively know that Soccer World is coming (even if it’s going to be the last Dingo movie). Makes me wonder what Phelous is going to do after (well, aside from thanking all gods in the world). And you know, those bits with him and Wabuu… maybe he could “team up” with the guy for something big. Think about it: “Phelous and Wabuu – the Movie”.

    Probably stupid I know, but hell, I’d pay money to see it.

  • RazorKitten
    Old Man
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    Hey Phelous, I feel I owe you some thanks!

    Currently an antibiotic resistant Streptococcal infection is eating my left leg (presently trying 9th treatment), and of course it struck right at the start of my first vacation in four years.

    I was just thinking nothing could be worse than this… and then you reminded me Dingo Pictures exists.

    I actually feel better.

  • Quan Chi
    Quan Chi
    Just might make the CUT
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    W-wwhaaaat? You mean, this isn’t just an extended version of the dub used in the Wabuu clip show story in Countryside Bears? And it’s one of the awful EastWest Dingo dubs. Oh my…

    The same people who dubbed this and Dingo’s Aladdin are also responsibly for dubbing this abomination into English. For all the people who thought Dingo Pictures made the worst cartoons ever, boy does “The Frog King” prove you guys wrong.

    Anyway, I hope this version of the movie makes it onto YouTube some day. Same goes for the Jamie and “Cat on Boots” movies. Funny enough, the Lost Media Wiki actually lists them as “missing,” so I guess their English DVDs must be pretty rare.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Wooo… I couldn’t believe you at first when you said the voice acting was worse than the usual, it just didn’t seem possible. But this is up there with Chaos Wars, House of the Dead 2,  T.R.A.G., Michigan: Report from Hell, Resident Evil, Vampire Night, & Grandia.

    Charlie: “What’s you’re invention?” Wabuu: “It’s quite simple. If we catch the sunshine…which is too many today….we can let them go tomorrow…..if there are less.”

    Nothing quite screams “music” like a tone deaf circus calliope & rubber bands.

    I like how the axe is barely longer than Wabuu’s arm, but he still couldn’t manage to completely hide it behind his back, & the dogs still didn’t notice it.

    Narrator “Sniffing around…Even the bear, who was…” ::takes bite of food::  “Anyway, this was not….worth it.” ::Looks down at clothes:: “Shirt’s crumby.”

    Charlie: “& don’t forget….that he drunk….my milk!” Wabuu: “But Charlie…..I was just saving you….from impending…..diarrhea.”

  • Aotrs Commander
    Aotrs Commander
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    Wow… Just…

    Wow. That has to be almost as bad as some of the worst stuff Brad has sat through (albiet for totally different reasons) and I “almost” since in Snob’s case there was at least one video I couldn’t actually watch and only endure listening to.


    Hell, it makes Birdemic look like something approaching watchable by comparison…


    I salute you going above and beyond the call of duty sitting through that drek, Phelous.



  • malibu_barbie
    Old Man
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    oh god it’s been days and I can’t get the damn Wabuu song out of my head

  • CyborgPrince
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    Huh. Who would have thought that there would be a dub so bad that it would make you long for the 2 or 3 people that usually do the dubbing for these movies. At least those guys seem to have a grasp of the English language. Here, it’s like they just grabbed a couple people and shoved them into a voice recording booth, not caring if they knew any English or not. And yeah, that repetitive music does get annoying, and this is just from clips. I can’t imagine how annoying it was for the whole movie. Are your ears still bleeding?

  • OrangeRider
    Memeforce Zwei
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    Gee, and I thought the Animax Asia English dub of Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam was bad…….. The “EastWest” dubs of Dingo Movies make whoever did that dub look like Funimation by comparison!

  • Old Man
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    Speaking of EastWest, I’d like you to review their release of the 1972 British public domain (in the U.S.) musical film “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and compare and contrast it to the Oracle (in the U.K.) 2.35:1 original aspect ratio release (which is a color corrected print that unfortunately has interlaced combing and an annoying flicker).

    Unlike EastWest’s “movies,” this movie is very faithful to Lewis Carroll’s book and actually very enjoyable, except for the fact that they used a real baby as the baby who turns into a pig. Also, American critics panned the movie, whereas British critics liked it – which would explain why it has no Blu-ray release or proper restoration in the U.S.