• lichenking
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    Good stuff. Laughed.

  • Marvelfan211
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    I’ve only seen the trailer for this because they show it before The Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screenings in LA. I wasn’t even sure a full version existed, but… damn. Sorry guys.

  • Knightroglycerin
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    Don’t flush pills people. Look the SDS up online and it will tell you how to properly dispose of them. Thank you.

  • Laserface
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    Wow, Neil. You’re making James Nguyen look decent.

    ♫ Shit Dave Duchovny, you’re just a shit Dave Duchovny /britishchanting

    Can I just ask, how can anyone be this bad at acting? Is there a shortage of competency and common sense? …oh yeah, there is.

  • snorgatch
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    Red Letter Media covered one of Neil Breen’s other movies: Double Down. There are similar themes in both, such as Breen playing a character who is the world’s greatest hacker, who knows all the secrets that THEY don’t want us to know, which means THEY are afraid of him and trying to kill him. And he has a wife whom he loves and who dies. These seem to be recurring motifs in his work.

    Honestly, I suspect Breen is a borderline schizophrenic who actually believes in conspiracy theories. His movies all seem to be ineptly made self-insertion vanity projects where he plays a fantasy version of himself who is the most awesome guy in the history of ever. And of course he can’t act, direct, write, or edit worth a damn. Comparisons to Ed Wood are commonplace, but Breen does seem to be a modern day Ed Wood, in that his ambitions vastly exceed his talent and budgetary constraints. Except that while Wood’s movies are entertaining schlock, Breen’s seem to be dreary and boring.

  • the_desert
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    What is this? This is a movie that a human being (Neil Breen) actually made? Did anyone make money from this? Is this one of those Uwe Boll tax write-offs that makes money even though it’s a failure? What’s the demographic for this film? I don’t get it!

    That bloody bandage shower sex scene was the most disturbing/disgusting thing I’ve seen on Movie Nights. I’m fairly certain he hired actresses because he wanted to see them nude.

    Was the suicide murder scene the highlight of the film? The acting was so bad it was hilarious. It’s like Neil either took acting lessons or was directly channeling Troll 2.

    This movie is dated if it is expected that people will actually care about political and corporate corruption now that we’ve been enlightened by alternative-facts.

  • TheSKARD1
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    I’m going to assume the car accident sent him into a coma and everything else is what he experiences as various parts of his brain are dieing. I figure the part that governs his personality went first.

    So he doesn’t actually show anyone the files? He just says he has them on the thumb drive he’s waving around which results in everyone who has anything to hide assuming that they’ve been found out. Maybe he also has mind control. While I’m coming with abilities, let’s say the sniper shot himself via time traveling bullet.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Good lord, I saw Double Down a few years ago on an MST3K fangroup chat.

    I’d forgotten about it, but it was pretty close if not THE worst*, hardest to sit through, watch, and riff movies we ever saw. It was painful and seemed to go on for an eternity. It was one of those so bad it’s terrible movies that really is not for the beginner or the feint of heart. Again, the themes of uncovering conspiracies works it’s way into the drawn out shell of a plot with acting that makes elementary school plays look like Broadway.


    I guess this guy must be independently wealthy and has time and money to blow on making these horrific bore fests. Alison and Phelan are real troopers to sit through this one, lucky they didn’t try to get through it alone.

    *By the way, the one movie I thought might be even worse that we watched and riffed was Conversation with an Alien. Try and sit through that confusing, bad CG infused mess!



  • happymel2
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    I didn’t expect to actually see his butt. I thought it would be censored. 🤣

  • valou999
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    Holy sheet, Neil Breen knew about Vault#7 before Wikileaks! He’s the best, he’s the best there ever was!

  • SailorSlamDunk
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    Imagine plot cohesion in films as a spectrum. Place the immaculate films, the ones that don’t waste a single frame on celluloid, at the far right, and place them further away from the right the less tight and concise they are. The further left a movie is, the less all of its individual scenes contribute to the point of the film. In accordance with the normal distribution principal of probability theory, most of all movies ever made will likely fall somewhere in the middle.
    Now place Fateful Findings on almost the very tip of the left side of the spectrum. This film is only outdone in audiovisual spontaneity by 1990s screensavers. Just watching this review I had no idea what the sequential order of scenes was, and was desperately attempting to piece the timeline together until I realized it could be in literally any order and have zero impact on the film proper. What happens in one scene is so irrelevant to what will happen in the next, or the overall movie, for that matter, that the plot is seen more or less in peripheral. The film sucks an hour or two from your life force, and yet you may as well have just blown past it on the roadside going 99 miles per hour.

    It’s like modern art, particularly the part where you feel ill looking at it and where it makes you love yourself less. Babumtsh.

  • jingleyells
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    Bahaha, gotta love those guys who somehow have money and write/direct/act in/cast/designed/etc. their own movies.

    It seems kind of like The Room, but lamer.

  • penpaninu
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    you guys are so silly 😛 And this guy kinda looks like Cumberbatch. Ya know, like an alien 😛

  • Isolder74
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    It’s rather obvious that Neil Breen thinks he the next Orison Wells.  What is it with independent movie makers and massive god complexes?  In another of his movies Neil actually plays god….

  • CyborgPrince
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    I’ve seen Neil Breen’s stuff being compared to things like The Room and Birdemic, but those movies at least seem to be entertaining in their horrendousness. This movie looks like an absolute bore. Yeah, the bad acting is amusing especially with Breen’s character reacting to the guy’s apparent suicide, but even in clips a lot of this looks just dull. Even the two of you discussed how much of a chore this movie was to watch.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that mushroom at the beginning was a bread roll.

    Of course Neil Breen has made his own character a Gary-Stu type. Why is that not a surprise. The big hunk that all the ladies want. And he can even hack better than any professional hacker and find out all the dirty little secrets that no one else could. I’m willing to bet the characters that Breen himself plays in his other movies are all the perfect types as well. It’s a sign of bad writers with big egos. Also, does he know how to smile? Or show any emotion at all? For most of the movie, he just has this ‘eh, whatever’ look on his face, no matter the situation.

    I definitely don’t think I’ll be checking this movie out. While it seems just as incompetent as The Room and Birdemic, it looks a lot more boring. It lacks the camp appeal of those other ones.