• snorgatch
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    There was such a missed opportunity in Rogue One. They could have brought back Porkins! Porkins was a joke character in A New Hope (his name is Porkins . . . and he’s FAT!). In this, they could have had him be a bad-ass and do something awesome! That would make his death in A New Hope mean so much more. Now, when he dies, instead of being just a lame joke character, the Rebellion could be losing a real hero! That would have been so much nicer than 10 seconds of completely unnecessary CGI Princess Leia (seriously, all they needed was to show someone giving the plans to a figure in a hooded white gown, we’d all know who it was, we didn’t need to see her crappy wax-mask CGI face or hear her corny line). What a waste.

  • Kooshmeister
    I'm THE BEST!
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    There is a book, called Catalyst, by James Luceno. It goes into some depth about how the Erso family met Krennic and how Galen was suckered into working on the Death Star under the codename “Project Celestial Power,” and how he took his family and fled after realizing what he was actually helping build.

  • Cobalt Fossil
    Cobalt Fossil
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    Rogue One doesn’t even remotely feel like a Star Wars prequel. Or a good film for that matter. Yeah I said it.