Friend Request

Unfriended was jumping the gun we got to go back to the Friend Request! That’s right it’s not just another internet horror it’s another FACEBOOK horror! This time less Skype and more scene changes.


  • CodyTheSickDog
    Bat Hero
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    Man this movie was shit, but generic horror is surprisingly better then whatever the fuck Unfriended was.

    At least you don’t get the filling that the movie productions don’t have their heads up their asses with this new “gimmick” of online horror.. Which is not even that new.


    But I am happy for a new horror review though, the horror genre gets boring to crique because the bad ones kinda share the same flaws, but it’s nice to see those types of review now and then.

    • joliet_jane
      Just might make the CUT
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      Yeah, I once binge watched a bunch of Phelous’ older horror reviews and I got bored of it– not because of Phelous, but because these horror movies are just the same shit over and over. Changing up his content was a very good move.

  • Occam
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Why is Life is Strange still the most realistic depiction of teenagers made in the last few years?

    • Anno Nimus
      Anno Nimus
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      Probably because the people who made it actually cared about what they were doing instead of just slapping together some paint-by-numbers claptrap in hopes of making a quick buck off a stupid social media gimmick.

      • Occam
        A Real Turtles Fighter
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        And to think the people who made it were Square Enix.

        • Anno Nimus
          Anno Nimus
          Bat Hero
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          Squeenix was the publisher, but the actual developers were a company called Dontnod; they also made Remember Me. Still, it’s worth pointing out that Dontnod went with Square-Enix because the other publishers they talked to wanted to make the player character a dude.

          • Dragon_Nexus
            A Real Turtles Fighter
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            They had the same problem with Remember Me, too.

            Capcom were the only ones they could find to publish it because everyone else said “A female protagonist with a romance plot? Gamers can’t possibly relate to that because she’s be dating a male!”


            You know…I’m starting to think publishers and network producers think the general public is a bunch of drooling morons who spend most of their day trying not to forget to breathe.

  • OldMan
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    This movie frightened me to my bones! Imagine a hellish world where people can become friends on the internet and then bad things can happen!! Thanks for scaring me, Phelous!!!


  • Laserface
    I'm THE BEST!
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    Please don’t tell me that this is honestly going to be a type of horror movie now.

    Please don’t tell me that we’re in an age where fucking about on Facebook and losing Facebook friends is considered a type of horror movie now.

    I’d honestly rather go back to the stupid ‘unlikable teens get killed while partying’ bullshit than this.

  • snorgatch
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    So, Laura gets stabbed in the abdomen and then goes running around for hours and hours with an open stab wound? Apparently she’s not bleeding all over everything, not to mention going into shock or passing out from blood loss? Do the script writers have ANY concept of how human bodies work?

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    My first guess would be that the principal was either porking Marina or related to her, or that her dad was giving the school a lot of money.

    & the moral of the story is…If you’re going to lie, don’t upload evidence to the contrary on social media.

    It might be dumb, but I’ve been waiting for you to use that Simple Plan meme again. XD

    Ugh…That floating friend counter reminds me of Zombieland for some reason.

    18:05 Anyone else notice that that woman crying at the funeral is wearing a really inappropriate see-through cutout dress?

  • Lermont
    Bat Hero
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    Phelous, I recently found out that there’s going to be such a thing as Wrong Turn 8, yes 8, in Russia. Another movie that was renamed and marketed as a continuation of the Wrong Turn series due to the popularity of that and many other trashy horror franchises in the Russian Federation. Would you be interested in reviewing these “sequels” or is that only something Brad does?

  • Marvelfan211
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    I really appreciate Phelous sitting through these movies to make them funny for us. I felt like killing myself just by watching the trailer for Unfriended.

  • CyborgPrince
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    Just goes to show that Hollywood still doesn’t understand internet culture or how modern technology works. Also, I think the only people that would find losing Facebook friends scary are those superficial morons who feel the need to be popular, even online. I’m guessing those people were the audience that contributed the most to the movie’s box office return.

    Speaking of having 0 friends, South Park did it better!

    Ugh! And did they really need to show a possibly implied rape scene? I think there was some article that said that, unless it’s pivotal to the plot, you don’t need to have one. It’s just gratuitous.

    I liked that comment about how Marina should go on deviantART. I’m sure many people would like her stuff there. Hell, I know I’d fave some of it. Maybe not the more psychotic looking stuff though. I think she’d be taken away to some psych ward for that stuff. Or at least be forced to see a therapist.

    But that would imply that this movie takes place in a logical world, and as we see from those jerkass cops, this is no logical world. Also explains why Marina kills certain people just for the body count when she’s trying to ruin Laura’s life.

    Glad to see you occasionally go back to these terrible horror movies. I’m guessing being on YouTube now makes it more risky to be reviewing these types of movies since they’re more likely to get flagged than those cheap knock-off fairy tale films.

  • Alex Cardo
    Alex Cardo
    Old Man
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    It’s another FACEBOOK horror!Never thought i would read that.Smiley face

  • rodro
    Just might make the CUT
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    For second at 1:54 I thought “Man, that receptionist from ER got really young for this”. That should reflect how big a Twin Peaks fan I am not.

  • thisseatofmars
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    Yaay, Phelous is doing horror again. My favs. Any reason why you didn’t spell it “Phriend Request?” And will we ever hear “They’re the best!” or “I’ve got a shotgun” again?

  • Spike
    I'm on a post!
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    Could’ve sworn I commented on this when it was new, but apparently not… weird.

    Anyhoo, wow, yeah this is exactly the predictable crap that would come out directly after Unfriended, like you say. Nice to see some more old fashioned horror reviews from you again in recent months. I love the rest of your review types, but it feels right to revisit the well of crappy horror movies from time to time.
    I think it’d be great to see if you could do some Hellraiser reviews again, actually, after the one you did it fees like a natural thing to go into, especially given how many utterly awful ones there are (specifically, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and the crappy reboot).

  • cyberninja105
    Old Man
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    This movie’s story had potential