• Knightroglycerin
    Robert Cop
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    Nick Arcade, holy shit! Talk about a blast from the past.

  • IronJustice
    Just might make the CUT
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    Yes! Old Man is back again ūüėÄ

  • Marvelfan211
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    Good shit as always, Phelous. I understand that this series takes a lot of editing, but it’s a fun treat whenever¬†it pops up and we all really appreciate it! I loved Old Man’s growing annoyance¬†with all things Sonic and all the in-jokes about 06.


    No big deal, just something I noticed: Towards the beginning, the voice sounded a bit similar to your normal one, but I bet maintaining the voice for that long is difficult and possible even painful, so I get it.


    Any chance the next one can be another SUPER EDGY story? Jeff the Killer has been my favorite episode so far because the writer was clearly an angsty 12 year old. Lots of material there.

  • TheSKARD1
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    The video length is about 30 minutes. What could it mean?

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.
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    “You can’t get your innocence back!”

    Show me on the doll where Robotnik touched you, creepypasta author.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    (movie announcer voice) Halloween is over, but the terror has only begun!

    Oh damn!

    Also, I saw your cameo as Bat Hero on Cinema Snob’s Halloween 6 DC review, good stuff!

  • mpalenik
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    He’s had the Sonic 2 game for 17 years. ¬†So we can safely assume the author was at least 17 at the time of writing this. . . sheesh.

    Anyway, I actually tried to make a Sonic fan game called Sonic 2000 about 20 years ago. ¬†But I don’t have the intimate knowledge of the Sonic 2 beta that Phelous seems to.

    • Phelous
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      Betas are always something that have interested me, especially when they are of a game that changed quite a bit like Sonic 2. I was just looking at stuff about it again when I came across this silly story so it was a good time for this video, heh.

  • Laserface
    I'm THE BEST!
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    You know, this really just seems like Phelous Reads Creepypastas in Old Man Voice. The Old Man thing doesn’t really play into anything. I still love that you have a series where you read and make fun of creepypastas though. It’s just the Old Man gimmick seems… pointless. Since you’re basically speaking for yourself rather than being in character.


    While I’m here (since I don’t know where else to say this), have you heard about Mortal Kombat Trilogy Extended? It’s a really well-made fan game with alot of effort put into it (unlike the official MK Trilogy), with loads of custom sprites, new combos/special moves and new fatalities. Version 1.033 got released on the 2nd. There’s a download link in the description of the developer’s video here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh6w5zFIabc


    Check out his other videos to get a demonstration of all the very lovely work they put into the game. It really feels like classic Mortal Kombat, like how Trilogy should have been. And that’s just from watching the videos! Maybe we can see a review of it from you if you’re interested, eh?

  • Brother_Malachai
    Captain Sillypants
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    Sigh, these pastas.  :-/  Why do ppl. find them scary again?

    • Anno Nimus
      Anno Nimus
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      It’s like with anything; there are good ones and bad ones. Bad creepypastas are like bad horror movies: They provide a lot of unintentional comedy and are ripe for mockery.

      • Brother_Malachai
        Captain Sillypants
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        Well, I meant these particular pastas.¬† Sorry.¬† Yes, I know good pastas exist.¬† Despite it’s flaws, I think “Confessions of A Deep Sea Diver” was a good one.¬† I just wish the writer did more research on diving before he wrote it (especially the dangers of the bends from surfacing too fast).¬† I’m just saying I don’t know why folks find the pastas Phelous tears apart are scary.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    I remember reading about the missing Sonic levels back in the days of Geocites, Tripod, Angel Fire, HotBot, AOL, & Lycoss. Is it wrong that I prefer they way websites were designed back then? Is it wrong that I miss going to Major Video & reading the VHS boxes?

  • CodyTheSickDog
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    Had no idea Old Man was such a big Sonic beta fan, wonder if he wrote any fanfiction about it on DeviantArt, lol


    Well.. Old Man the Hedgehog does not roll off the tongue so I doubt it.

  • Otaku World Order
    Otaku World Order
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    Programmer: I’ve created this amazing feature where if the player doesn’t collect the Chaos Emeralds the 2nd Player character is killed and the game becomes¬†impossible to beat forever and destroys the players ability to play any game in the series ever again.

    Executive: And how is that going to help us sell sequels and merchandise?

    Programmer: Uhhh…

    Executive: You’re fired.

    In a weird twist, the Game Gear/Master System version of Sonic 2 has Sonic trying to rescue Tails from Robotnik. Finishing the game without collecting the Chaos Emeralds leads to a “bad” ending where its kinda sorta implied that Tails was killed by Robotnik.

    Of course the GG/MS version has none of the zones from the Genesis version, so this creepypasta is still full of shit.

  • Cobalt Fossil
    Cobalt Fossil
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Who would make a game that punishes the player for trying to see every ending? And how is it better for Sonic to kill himself for failing to save Tails THROUGH NO FAULT OF IS OWN, than to stop Eggman’s tyranny? Eggman is responsible for Tails’s death, end of story.

  • Cobalt Fossil
    Cobalt Fossil
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Old Man Reads Creepypastas is so relaxing.