• Knightroglycerin
    Robert Cop
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    Wow, those parents are so lame, I don’t know for whom I feel worse. Was this seriously supposed to be a pilot? There’s NO appeal.

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.
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    Aww, man, Baby Ghost looks like such a “great” movie! It’s got Joe Estavez… And it’s directed by Zen filmmaker Scott Shaw’s buddy Donald G. Jackson! You two gotta review Baby Ghost now.

  • Nasuth
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    Wow, Lucy Lawless really aged well!

  • SpeedyEric
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    What were they gonna have after this?  Son of Boogedy, Ghost of Boogedy, Boogedy Meets Bad Moon, House of Boogedy, Curse of Boogedy, Revenge of Boogedy, Evil of Boogedy, Boogedy Created Woman, Boogedy Must Be Destroyed, Horror of Boogedy, and Boogedy & the Monster from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks?

    Love your costumes, guys.

    Mr. Boogedy says his name over and over again.  What the hell does he think he is?  A Pokemon?

    This movie is twice as long as the original, and people STILL complain about the multiple endings of The Return of the King?

    13:57- “That’s it.  I’m gonna start my own mayoral campaign.  It’s slogan will be ‘Make Lucifer Falls Great Again.’ I will also build a wall to keep out stupid people, and I’ll make THEM pay for it.”

    That inhaling laugh reminds me of that from the movie “The Barbarians,” which was reviewed by Spoony a few years ago.

    15:59- “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    The witch’s name is Mrs. Hooter?  …REALLY!?

    Fuck Lucifer Falls and its citizens.  I’ll stick with Gravity Falls, thank you very much.

  • snorgatch
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    Next year do Pumpkinhead. It lost out to Mr. Boogedy a year ago (for some reason), and it’s actually a good movie. I can only conclude that the folks on Twitter hate you.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    First off, great costumes! Betty Page and Jason Vorhees!

    Just Kidding! – Alison, looking hot as Xena, and Phelan makes a surprisingly good Casey.


    Here’s what I remember about these movies: As a little kid, I wasn’t allowed to stay up for whatever reason on the night the original Mr Boogedy aired, but everyone else in my class was talking about how great it was the next day and I felt so left out. Back in the dark ages of the mid eighties, finding a VHS of a mildly successful made for TV movie wasn’t exactly an easy task as this was really the early days of consumer video tape… so I lived my life always wondering what I missed…

    Apparently…not much, and the sequel looks even more dreadful. I guess my main point here is that kids in second grade have bad taste and will laugh at dumb crap.

  • Dust
    Bat Hero
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    Phelous… you is the Pope of fools!

  • Makroth
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  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    LOL. I loved seeing Phelous’ anger in this video. As soon as you showed that annoying dad, I remembered the first movie and realized that this was a sequel. When you were showing the bad endings, that’s probably where each episode would have ended. 

  • penpaninu
    Bat Hero
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    there was a third one of these?? Geez that’s two too many! 😛