• asnaes
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    Fleshhead is an offensive slur against people who aren’t skeletons.

  • Ry-Guy
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    Hey Phelous?

    I can see your house from here. 😛

  • Vahan Nisanian
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    Some observations:

    16:23 That’s Kath Soucie, using the same voice that she would use for Lillian DeVille on “Rugrats”.

    The only Straczynski episode I haven’t seen is “The Ghostbusters! Live, from Al Capone’s Tomb!”. Wonder if that one is any good?

    As much as I like Buster Jones, I wonder how Arsenio Hall would have handled that singing part?

    According to Broadcasting Magazine (November 6, 1989), this special pulled in a 7.6/12 share, 74 out of 84 shows.

    15:16 Actually, Straczynski wrote “Slimer, Is That You”, in which Slimer did the same thing, albeit with Egon’s mind.

    Fuck those parent groups who complained to ABC about how “scary” “The Real Ghostbusters” was. It was because of those complaints that ABC hired Q5. And I hate to say this, but even if ABC didn’t hire Q5, some of the changes would have still happened (Slimer getting more screentime and Dave Coulier for Lorenzo Music in particular).

    • likalaruku
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      As much as I love Kath Soucie, she was the worst possible voice for Janine in latter seasons. That voice is fine for a child, but coming out of an adult woman’s mouth is unforgivably annoying.

  • likalaruku
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    “When you try to hide & completely ignore something, it will usually tend to come back, & the situation will now be uglier than it ever was.” Are we talking about this episode or highly delinquent student loan payments?

    Network censors are so retarded, but they thought that the kids were ones who were pants-on-head stupid. Too bad children’s programming didn’t get the kind of freedom from ridiculous overbearing restrictions that comic books enjoyed in the 80s.

  • snorgatch
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    I loved the little goblin fisherman standing in front of the TV shop. Just a fun, silly touch to show that the creators care about their work.

  • Occam
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    Don’t worry, Phelous. You’re quite right about tumblr.

    It’s good for fanart, and fanart only.

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    Needs more Slimer, he was the main character in the movies, just like Dave Collier played Venkman in the movies, and was in Caddyshack, and Groundhog Day. Now I want to see the epic battle between Samhain and Boogaloo, but only if the latter is electric. On a serious note, i remember this debate going on while I was in elementary and middle school so when I hit high school, i decided to stage the most elaborate Halloween low budget spectacles for trick or treaters because it’sabout fun and candy and laughter and letting slip some of the darkness inside all of us

  • Spike
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    Interestingly enough, to me at least, that line of “you forgot the first rule of the fanatic, when you become obsessed with the enemy you become the enemy!” bit, that later got straight-up lifted for another J Michael Strazinski script in the first season of Babylon 5. Likely he forgot about the line and used the same idea for that episode, either that or he liked the line so much he just wanted to use it again. Either way I thought it was interesting.

    Nice to see you once again tackle Ghostbusters. I love hearing you talk about franchises that’re close to your heart, like Transformers, this and TMNT 😀
    This is one of those times I agree with you, this episode was pretty great. Sad that they had the unfortunate replacement of Lorenzo Music long before this episode, ughh, I do wish they’d not done it. Still, glad to know that not EVERYTHING post-Q5 was pure shite.

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    Just started patreon for ya. Pretty sure that entitles me to say rude things about you.