• Toli
    Old Man
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    So who smokes/vapes? that seemed like a lot for breath clouds.

  • Spike
    I'm on a post!
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    I tried to watch this but the constant jiggering of the camera really made me dizzy and gave me a massive headache.

    Still it was interesting to take a look at this. Could’ve used an introduction or something to let us know what exactly this trip was about beyond it just being a prison (Given the description, I’m guessing Downpour based its prison on this real one?)

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Aaah, urban exploration. It’s one of those oddly fascination things you can watch forever, like zit popping videos, or episodes of shows like”How It’s Made” & “Is It Okay to Microwave This?”

    1:00 Weird noises you’re getting there. At first I thought it was a toilet flushing.

    2:59. No water here. This sink runs on all that sweet Crystal Pepsi we were promised but could never find in any store.

    3:46 That dripping makes some sweet relaxing white noise. Almost makes you want to sit down & have a picnic…Except for the fact that it’s really dank & moldy in there. Hope you guys didn’t get sick from inhaling spores. That happened to Dan Bell once.

    4:30 Kinda looks like Strong Mad.

    Don’t think I’ve seen her since your 2008 review of Funny Games.

    9:42 This from a video game soundtrack? Pretty cool actually.

    You’re a real Vincent Price, you are.

  • mpalenik
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    Not the best Ghostfacers episode, but not the worst.  If you want to visit another Silent-Hill, you could try Centralia, Pennsylvania, which is the town the movie was supposedly based on.  Although, it is actually pretty disappointing, unless you’re a big fan of graffiti penises.

  • The Phantom of Pulp
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    When one thinks of bonding with ones siblings, one usually doesn’t think of going to old prisons. Just throwing it out there; seriously though, this was cool and kind of spooky (reminds me of this old WW2 testing facility I once saw where a James Bond film had many a crucial scene made; it was infested with grafiti and hornets though) That grafiti was strange

    Though I don’t know if the Canadian Blarewitch Project is going to take off so well, since you guys have working internet service and all. Zero stars… 🙂

    The score was great; you guys could make an actual horror film up their; though I am curious, how did you find this place; are there just random old prisons hanging around?




  • Anno Nimus
    Anno Nimus
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    I kept expecting Slender Man to show up. 😀 Cool video though, definitely a very creepy location. Terrible Tomas could stand to work on his poetry a bit more though.

  • Lermont
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    This video got me in the mood to re-visit your Wrong Turn reviews and I’ve found out something interesting in the process: a Russian review of a “Wrong Turn 7”. But there are only 6, you say? Well, it turns out a movie called “Scarce” was released in Russia under that name to cash in on the baffling popularity of the Wrong Turn franchise over there.