• Knightroglycerin
    Robert Cop
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    As a fellow pale person, the best tan I’ve ever gotten was from a beach in Massachusetts. I live in Florida.

    • Knightroglycerin
      Robert Cop
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      I feel so bad for Tartar Sauce. I wish they could just let her be a house cat. They probably had to tranquilizer her. -sigh-

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.
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    You weren’t being a creeper. Watching BvS makes you forget how to smile. It drains all joy out of the world, an effect that lasts long after the movie ends.

    I was blown away by just how INTERACTIVE those “jellies” were. At least I finally understand the reason behind insertion fetish porn… It’s ART. It’s not weird to attempt to shove a canteloupe up your butt, it’s performance art.

  • ma1trix
    Old Man
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    10 hours you poor thing! It takes me 22 hours to get to London.

  • Laywew
    Old Man
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    My trips to London take about twenty minutes on the train so I can’t really relate to the plane thing – but I did have to get on the tube in the middle of the heatwave in full Ghostbusters garb – that was absolute torture… Forbidden Planet is my favourite shop, though. Cool to hear you liked the place. 🙂

  • The Phantom of Pulp
    I'm THE BEST!
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    Hope you don’t mind my asking but  which airliner did you use going there? Because whenever traveling, you have to pay for movies and food so this one sounds amazing!!!

    🙁 I love Anchors Away (it’s a childhood staple)…Jurrasic Park, though, not so much….sorry….

    That was a scarily good zombie impression

    A pencil sharpener is fine but should it at least have enough room for a pencil case 😉

    So strange hearing about some of these sweets, like Cadbury, being a novelty; like watching some of your lets try videos

    I’ve seen the Dennis the Menace Christmas film…never again……

    Did Grumpy Cat bring up your review? Hope Ash didn’t mind you socializing with other cats 🙂

    Jem…Gizmo…you’re my hero 🙂

    Glad you had a nice time 🙂 …minus the last part of the flight, sorry (yeah, baggage seperation stinks) Can’t wait for your next videoes!! Wait Showgirls what…!?!?!?

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    I liked both Zoolander 2 and Hail Caesar. I thought Batman v. Superman was okay. I looked up Suck and if I did get the right place, it looks like a mix of Hot Topic and Spencer’s Gifts but mostly Hot Topic. Anyways, I would like to go to London one day. The farthest I’ve ever gone out of the United States is Canada. One last thing: I laughed my butt off when you were talking about those actor threatening to cut Phelous’ penis off and when you were talking about the art museum.

  • Benjaminben
    Old Man
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    Lupa, i’m not here to comment on your video, but to comment on you as an entertainer. I must admit that in the past i didn’t like your character ‘Lupa’. Whenever you did a cross-over with other reviewers, you always portrait yourself as this annoying character. That’s why i lost interest in watching your video’s. Recently i restarted watching some video’s of you, and i must say ; i really enjoy them. You know why? Because you are yourself! And that is what i enjoy about you, because you’re a very likeable person. Your humour is at it’s best when it’s subtle, not in our face. And Lupa was to much ‘in my face’ with her jokes, you in fact are not, and that’s why i prefer you and not your character.

    You really have (so does Phelan) a great look on movies, and i love your commentary on them. I see i missed out a lot, and i’m planning on watching de rest of your video’s too. What i’m trying to say with this comment is ; You have got a new fan who didn’t like you in de past, but who does like you now. Stay yourself, en keep making them video’s 😉

    (p.s. A cross-over with Phelan would be fun, but only if you two do it the way you did in ‘ATIGAAY’ that was great. Mostly because you weren’t that ‘Lupalike’.)


    • joliet_jane
      Just might make the CUT
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      Hey, I like Lupa. But yeah, I like Allison a lot more. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to see more Lupa again sometime. She’s got great comic talent.

  • John Potts
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Can definitely agree that London is built to keep out the cold rather than keep out the heat, but I’m surprised your hotel didn’t have air conditioning. Despite what some Americans think, modern London isn’t actually like a Dickens novel! But you clearly managed to hit the absolutely sweltering couple of weeks of Summer we’ve had.