• c0ketehwhale
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    Oh boy, Lance Henriksen! I love that guy. Pumpkinhead is one of my favorite of the 80’s monster movies.

  • rodro
    Just might make the CUT
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    Henriksen was great as Frank Black in the 90s series Millenium, at least the first 2 seasons.

  • Dunes
    Robert Cop
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    Wonder if they could have passed this off as a sequel to that one Pulse movie?

    • Lermont
      Bat Hero
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      You mean a prequel. If Phelous ever goes temporarily insane again and reviews only electric ghost movies for several months, I’m sure this will be one of them.

  • SpeedyEric
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    The hissing of the camera in this movie reminds me of that in The Cinema Snob’s early episodes.

    The electric chair immunity is like if Superman trained himself to resist kryptonite.  And if I want a movie villain who comes back to life and an electrical being, I’ll stick with Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, thank you very much.

    I was also thinking of Thankskilling with the demon possessed turkey scene.

    One of this film’s directors later did Jason X, and the other did episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, including Alpha’s Magical Christmas.  At least one of them has a connection to the Friday the 13th franchise like cast and crew members of the first 2 movies.

    16:24- It would be understandable if the stand up comic on TV was anyone from Carlos Mancia to Daniel Tosh.


    24:12- They should have just not have put any music in the DVD menu.  I find this funny, actually.  Before you play the movie, you get the hint that the movie is gonna be pretty shitty.

    I agree with Hendrikson whenever he says “That’s the stupidest fuckin’ thing I ever heard.”  I agree that this is pretty good by so bad it’s good standards, but I wonder if the same goes with House IV.

  • The Phantom of Pulp
    I'm THE BEST!
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    Good heavens: another House film? Not that I mind another crossover with you two (does it still count as a crossover?) but it’s always weird when watching these horror film series and seeing how many they get up too. Though it is suprisingly short series in comparison to the Howling or something: nice this film has a happy ending (though it’s got some sick stuff: jee!!). I’m suprised this was on DVD.

    Weird: sometimes you guys talk over eachother. It can be hard to hear sometimes but I don’t terribly mind.

    I love how you all just continuously break down and laugh 🙂

    11:52 well that ain’t immunity. At all 🙂

    14:17 what the hell?!!??!?!?

    16:30 best line ever!!!

    22:50 it’s eire how well he does that laugh

    26:53 brillient reaction

    27:03 another great line (why are their so many evil turkeys? I guess I’m watching all the wrong films)

    Great review: love the end (and neat outfit, Miss Pregler, by the way); when is your next video off patreon? Also will none Patreon people ever see the up coming Q&A?

  • turbowolf7
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    Oh no! It’s Leon, the replica from Blade Runner as an electricity ghost! That’s why he’s super strong, he was a munitions loader that could lift all day! That cleaver was dull, because if sharp, he’d tear a whole in time and space. Dr Hendrickson must use man’s best friend to defeat him since there’s no Ghostbusters here. Seriously, who kept giving doofy Jenky roles? Yes, he’s a creepazoid… but too creepy… final thoughts: Shocker 2, Electric Boogaloo was the superior Man’s Best Friend and Blade Runner sequel ever!

  • markiangooley
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    The family members — except Henriksen himself — look rather like the Puttermans, the battery-operated family in those creepy old Duracell battery ads that never really caught on. If the movie and the ads are from about the same time, that might explain it.

  • Marvelfan211
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    I laughed my ass off at this. You two have such a natural rapport.


    Thanks for showcasing these movies, I had never heard of them until now.

  • asnaes
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I always wondered what happened to House 3, it got renamed in the USA.

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    This movie brings up so many questions. If this movie is like what you showed, I can’t imagine what House 4 is going to be like.

  • Brother_Malachai
    Captain Sillypants
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    Anyone have a pic of Max Jenkie in the lawyer disguise?  I want to use that as my new Avatar.  BTW, this review was so funny.  I think I busted a gut watching this.

  • Drakkenmensch
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    In movies and television, death sentences are carried out so fast it’ll make your head spin… if the accused is innocent.

    The corpse of the victim will be found at 6am, the protagonist’s love interest picked up by cops by 8am, she’ll be sentenced to die at noon sharp and the protagonist will only have until midnight that very day to prove them innocent before the chair’s switch is pulled.

    According to Hollywood, the justice system is frighteningly efficient at disposing of the wrongly accused.