• ltspock
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    Always happy to see you’ve posted a new video!

  • C-Puff
    Just might make the CUT
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    *happy clapping* Ah yes! More Dingo pictures!! This is a great day!

    I absolutely lost it completely at Peter Venkman-osaur’s cameo and proceeded to lose it for the next 10 minutes with every joke to follow. I’m probably keeping the rest of the house up. I also seriously thought those Meat eaters were gonna… you know…. actually influence the plot. Shows what I know.

    Great Review Phelous! Also, props on taking the time to call the dinosaurs by their proper names and stuff. I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t but it makes me glad you put in the effort.

    One day, please do Animal Soccer World. If Lion and the King has more effort than Dinosaur Adventure… then Dinosayr Adventure has more effort than Animal Soccer world…. trust me. It is inevitable. it is your destiny.

  • Dunes
    Robert Cop
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    Got to love the 80s imitation music. Tio appears to have a mammal nose. The one dino looks like he’s actually wearing a helmet.

  • Leech
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    Actually, Simone Greiss did work on other things. To this day, she’s a production designer for an obscure basement theatre company in Frankfurt. At least two other Dingo Pictures people also work there. Also, I checked her website at http://www.simonegreiss.de/vita.html, and amazingly, she actually lists her work for Dingo Pictures in her references. As:

    “Animationszeichnerin /Synchronisation (97-2001)
    (Amiga D-paint /Plagiate) dingo-pictures”

    Which translates to:

    “Animator /Dubber (97-2001)
    (Amiga D-paint /Plagiarism) dingo-pictures”

    That’s just amazing.

    • OrangeRider
      Memeforce Zwei
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      They used Amiga D-Paint for the animation of the Dingo Pictures movies? Wasn’t that program from the 80’s? Did they have a really low budget? Or did they worked on the Dingo Pictures movies in that same basement theater and the only animation program they had was Amiga D-Paint?

  • Lizuka
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    I honestly find what for lack of a better descriptor I’ll call Bad Box Art Phelous really creepy. Fun review though and yeah, this does seem quite a bit worse than Lion and the King.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    You must have had to watch this in it’s entirety at least twice for this review.  Does it qualify as a form of torture, or just a cure for insomnia?

    DS? How’d that slip through Nintendo’s quality control?

    Is that spiky blob really a dinosaur? It looks like the lovechild of Krumb & Grumble from “Aaah! Real Monsters!”

    Y’know….I didn’t think the art quality could actually go down. It’s like watching a video in Youtube’s lowest resolution.

    “Why are you shouting at me like that? I haven’t done anything wrong….today….”

    These games make the voice acting from Chaos Wars sound competent by comparison. Are these really supposed to be German accents?

    I want to say that by “someday we’ll all be able to fly” he meant that dinosaurs will shrink & grow feathers, but I think that’s giving this show too much credit.

    Perhaps their recycling animation is also an homage to Disney’s Robin Hood borrowing from both The Jungle Book & Snow White. Pft…. nope.

    Oh gawd…that drawing of your face. XD

  • DontMindMeNow
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    15:09 Welp, I guess I got the answer to the question I never asked: What if Supreme Leader Snoke was a hideously animated dinosaur abomination in a Dingo Pictures movie?

    I remember life before I knew this movie existed. It was pleasant.

  • Steve3
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    Duck-Taint! Ooo-ooo-ooo!

  • DemonioBlanco
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    To be fair… i would be happier if you did not refer the meme.

    and for some one else to tell me, what is the joke with the yee?

    • Dust
      Bat Hero
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      The yee thing, according to Know Your Meme, is a clio someone mixed of the Anky-Hodag singing which ends with a Tyrannosaur saying yee to interrupt.

      … This must be one of those internet jokes I’m too old to understand.

      • Brother_Malachai
        Captain Sillypants
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        It’s a part of the bad dialogue from the Italian Dub, the old Dinosaur called Peek “P-YEE-ek.”  Someone took the Yee and just ran with it.  Going to assume initially an Italian pointing out how bad the voice acting was.

  • Laserface
    I'm THE BEST!
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    Oh for the love of god… Lion and the King turned up to eleven! It seems like some of these parts are twice the speed as it’d usually be, but they’re just talking quickly.

    Why’s that silver… spiky… thing have a rhyming gimmick anyway? It doesn’t even do that too well half of the time anyway. And why’d that actually kind of cool looking evil dinosaur become a cannibal?! That’s pretty damn dark and graphic for this hell of a movie!

    Your facial reactions are just priceless. That face you made after Tio’s jump (whatever its name is) is like the real life equivalent of ‘ | 😀 ‘.

  • The Phantom of Pulp
    I'm THE BEST!
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    Dingo Pictures: the illegitimate spawn of Crest Animation and GoodTimes Entertainment. And a good helping of booze just in case

    Wow, I remember Knowledge Adventure Macintosh computer games from the early 200s with better animation

    6;19 hey another knock off Little foot! They’re spawning!!! Run!!!!

    6;31 no, that’s if you want it fired with a runny yoke. Perspective mother, please remember that, even if your friend is just trying to help, chefs and mid wives are very different. This mistakes can only result in tragedy and weird tasting food. This has been a public service announcement by the Prehistoric Board for Health and Safety  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3rhQc666Sg

    6;36 stock laughter coming in for landing

    6;45 Phelous is gone again

    6;59 again, handy men are not the same as midwives!

    7;40 THOSE EYES!!!!

    8;26 apparently her only other big job was when Howard and Daffy hired her for Donald’s bachelor party

    930; maybe they think they perfected laughing and wanted to show it off

    10;03 oh yeah, mild grumbling and random laughing; total delinquent.

    11;25 ummmmm, is it repetitive to say that this is another character stolen from Land Before Time?

    11;50 it’s also the subject of a controversial book, ‘Fifty Scales of Grey

    11;53-12;00- ladies and gentlemen, the weirdest thing ever!

    12;27; what the hell is with his head??!?!?!?!

    12;37 also why is he practicing his dribble with the head of a dead body….who’s tongue is now hanging out of his mouth.

    13;08 don’t you mean die?

    13;16 again…’Fifty Scales of Grey’. This also makes the question about what he’s been doing with son sound all the more….interesting

    18;48 you could almost say, I dunno, science doesn’t work that way 🙂

    22;56 African drums away

    23;14 the prequel for King Kong vs Godzilla

    24;54 why does the baby gorilla have a tail?

    32;41 what the hell!!!!!

    Between the harsh insults, creepy adults, apocalypse, mild swear words, dead bodies and possibly promiscuous duck (who managed to live through an apocalypse), this film is dark! As if Land Before Time couldn’t get any stupider

    I commend you for sitting through this: at least you were happy for one minute. Great to see a new review!! So what do you like reviewing better; horror or cheap animated films?



  • Kooshmeister
    I'm THE BEST!
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    Using a phonograph as a seismograph? The heck?

    …and, thanks, I needed the mental image of the father wearing a strap-on sex toy.

  • Kenshiroh
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    The “anklyosaurus” reminds me of those pictures where they stick sunglasses on a dog’s butt.

  • Benjaminben
    Old Man
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    Hé Phelous,

    Usually i dot not make accounts on sites just like these, but specially for you i’m making an exeption (I’m Dutch, so my English isn’t that great, hope you don’t mind :p). I wanted to tell you that i’m really loving all of your work. You make me laugh a lot, en continue to put out stuff that is great and never lacks kwality. I was also a big fan of NC, Jontron and AVGN, but they seem to get worse by every episode. They are losing touch : The AVGN movie was shit! And NC is getting really boring with his clipless reviews (really nostalgic those films wich are currently in cinema’s, aren’t they? :p) You, on the other hand, keep improving yourself with every video. I love the way you look at movies and the things you point out, i also really like your style of humour. Also the repeating jokes like ‘the old man’ but also ‘…. is ruined’ never bore me 😉 Keep it up sir, for you are one of the best reviewers on the web!


    p.s. This comment wasn’t meant to be an asskisser, but i just wanted to let you know i enjoy your stuff ;).

  • someguy
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    How DARE YOU not talk about YEE the entire video?  For shame Phelous, for shame.


    In all seriousness this was great!  I was waiting for so long to see you tackle another Dingo movie.

    Now, if you did another Golden Films review, I think I could finally die a happy man.

    • The Reynard
      Comments: 8

      I guess this is because it was too obvious to talk about, or the meme has been passé for a long time now.

      Yeah, for shame… there are many joke possibilities for the Yee meme… like Old Man saying YEeeee!!

  • sumerias1
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    The spread eagle pedo-dactyl really had me rolling! I’m with everyone else — more Dingo flix if you can stand it!

  • Marvelfan211
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    I love how Phelous has gone from reviewing shitty horror movies to really obscure straight to video animated trash. Fine by me though, this shit is awesome.

    Or rather, this video is awesome. Sorry you had to watch this Phelous, but it made my day, so thank you.


    Also, thanks to everyone in the comments who let me know of Animal Soccer World’s existence. My life has been changed for the better and I am in your debt.


    Jungle Kings FTW! Fuck all Wild Dogs fans. They are plebs.

  • IronJustice
    Just might make the CUT
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    I don’t know if you caught this, but there was a bad cropping job on Petrie circa 13:30. Look at the top of his wing. On some frames it is fine, but on the top one it is apparently cut off.

  • rodro
    Just might make the CUT
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    These “movies” remind me of some Spanish tv series I watched as a kid, produced by a company named D’Ocon. Constantly reusing frames and backgrounds was common, but at least I remember they getting more fluid movement that wasn’t limited to the heads. And the cast of voices was a bit better: although you could still recognize the actors, they tried using a different register for characters. It seems with Dingo you can expect the exact opposite in all their productions. And then the plots… muh gawd.

    PS Dingo-painted-phelous at the end is creepy as f***, random laughing and all.

  • CourtneyWoodbury
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    20:58 – Too bad he DIDN’T turn into a fire lizard.  That would have been fucking awesome!  (Pern reference)

  • Alienmorph
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Just. Awful.

    The movie, not the review, the review was great lol

    I was barely aware of the meme myself… despite being italian and having witnessed this movie masterpiece in my language. Guess you can’t always keep up with the Internet and its neverending quest for meme-fuel. Ohwell.

    Keep up the good work, and to suggest you a Dingo movie that hasn’t poppep out in other comments… check their version of Hercules, where they try to pull out moster battles, the Greek Gods look like trolls and Hercules completes only 3-4 of his challenges but is victorious in the end anyway x D

  • karignisha
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Yyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I dislike the bird so much. The ending was scary and funny.

  • CyborgPrince
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    I wasn’t even aware that “Yee” was a meme. Shows you how out of the loop I am.

    I think I know why these movies are put on game discs. It’s because the graphics look like those of an early 90s computer game. Though while the latter was due to limits in technology, I’m pretty sure the former is because of laziness. Why have original designs when you can just take other ones and recolour them? Next thing you’ll know they’ll upload them to deviantART with the tag: ORIGINAL CHARACTER! DO NOT STEAL!

    That evil dinosaur who seems to enjoy eating other ones seems to suffer from Anime Villain Face Syndrome. He also sounds like he’s voiced by a 14 year old.

    Did not need to see Teo’s father with a strap on. That’s an image that will haunt me.

    I’m not sure how you can get through these kinds of movies. Even the clips are a chore to sit through.

  • AlbertHamik
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    Just had to register to say that this was actually my first exposure to the majesty of Dingo Pictures, in the form of a youtube poop video back in the 2000s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4byqJwCKlU

    I don’t know how you manage to sit through this dreck, Phelous, but I commend you fully.

  • The Reynard
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    Yay, more Dingo Pictures reviews! Thank you Phelous. Your review is hilarious and I really love how you spotlight all the awkwardness, the awful audio, the dreadful editing and all the cheapness that deserves a real good mocking and beating as you know how to do so much.

    I think you reviewing awful cheap cartoons suits you very well!! I feel that most of your best comedy comes out of it. (no wonder those are the most viewed episodes of yours!)

    Godspeed, Phelous. Or should I say, GodspYEEd. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  • OrangeRider
    Memeforce Zwei
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    My icon is HeinYEE Westenfuss from Gundam SYEED DestinYEE!

    • OrangeRider
      Memeforce Zwei
      Comments: 455

      Never mind, I changed it to Tohma Seguchi from Gravitation (an overlooked yaoi anime about a J-Pop/J-Rock group trying to get to #1 in the charts that you can find on DVD on Amazon). I’ve personally never seen that anime yet but I’ve heard of it on the internet.

    • OrangeRider
      Memeforce Zwei
      Comments: 455

      Never mind, I changed it to Tohma Seguchi from Gravitation (It is an overlooked anime about 2 J-Rock stars trying to get to #1 in the charts so it’s sort of like Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi but with yaoi instead of yuri. You can find the DVDs on Amazon if you want to check it out). I’ve never seen that anime yet but I’ve heard of it on the internet.

  • Cobalt Fossil
    Cobalt Fossil
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    That Dinosaur with the insectoid eyes is terrifying.

  • Memeforce Zwei
    Memeforce Zwei
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    I guess that little green dinosaur who’s jumping on the “SCIENCE” dino’s volcano radar thing must be saying “It’s a living.” every time after anyone uses it.

    Also, why does it look like the “SCIENCE” dino is covered with fur?

    I wonder if there’s any Rule 34 of that pink duck narrator somewhere on the internet……


  • Memeforce Zwei
    Memeforce Zwei
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    “Fire lizard”? Is this a Pokemon reference?