• Tim Thomason
    Old Man
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    Don’t get mad, but I’m watching this during the early afternoon.

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    I had so many laughs with this review. 😀

  • Tetsu Deinonychus
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    So basically, it’s “Caddyshack” for kids, but with dinosaurs…

    Works for me!

  • SpeedyEric
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    I’m not afraid to say that I actually like Jurassic Park III. I actually like the scene where the Spinosaurus kills the T-Rex, because having the Muthafuckin’ T-Rex as the main dino in all the movies would get pretty stale; hence the Indominus Rex in Jurassic World.

    Oh, and Prehysteria 3 is from the director of “A Talking Cat!?!”

    3:27- (As Siro from Mortal Kombat: Conquest) “That’s it.”

    I also remember the Grey Poupon commercials, along with the parodies and jokes about them. …God, we are old.

    6:50- Yeah, this movie isn’t racist or offensive in any shape or form.

    8:14- …Shouldn’t the “Sword in the Stone” in this movie be suitable for an Excalibur parody with a golf theme, or at best a “Dorf on Golf” video?


    10:33- Y’know, for kids. =D

    14:02- With all the movie references in this movie, it’s making it more and more easier for me to wish I was watching the referenced movies right freakin’ now.

    “Hey, everybody, we’re all gonna get laid!”

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Okay, with acting that bad, I can understand the ratings this one got. HAVE I TOLD YOU I’M SCOTTISH TODAY?

    ::Hears Asian Sting:: Oh, is it time for Pucca webtoons?

    “There is an excessive amounts of Wah Wahs” in this movie.” I’m starting to think this movie was edited by someone from America’s Funniest Home Videos. All it’s missing is Bob Sagat & David Alan Coulier talking over the whole movie by cracking horrible puns & explaining the jokes in detail.

  • WhyNeighborDanWhy
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    The pre-hysterias are the least consequential to the plot as they’ll ever be in this movie. She could’ve been hallucinating them the entire time and the plot would’ve been mostly the same.

    I hope you’re on a Moonbeam kick for the foreseeable future. But it’s totally understandable that you could get family-film-fatigue. Josh Kirbies aside, there’s the madness that is Magic in the Mirror: Fowl Play. I’ve never seen it, but I remember the trailer from when I was a kid. Grown men and women in duck costumes who turn people into tea. I’d post a youtube link but I don’t know comment section etiquette.

  • Dunes
    Robert Cop
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    I’m fairly sure the prehysterias are posing as putt putt course animatronics to avoid suspicion, but I could be wrong. Also, I’m fairly sure there’s a trope that fits the prehystarias’ dinnertime “off-camera” invisibility

  • Morhek
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    How dare you, Allison. Trains and dinosaurs OBVIOUSLY trump golf.

    Seriously, though, I forgot how wretched-looking this movie is. I remember liking 2 way more, because…well, I think you get why by now…but geez, the Scottishisms, the racism, the hackneyed “save the X” plot, and how inconsequential the dinosaurs are to the plot they are. I have a feeling I wouldn’t enjoy this even on a so-bad-it’s-good level.

  • crunchy pants
    king crunchy pants
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    hey luppa i just picked up wolf cop and loved it, you were right. Any who i would like to start a luppa approved movie section in my collection, is there any chance of a luppa approved movie list or something i can check out on forum?

  • iatethecrayon
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Ah the ’90s with it’s lax PC standards, calling people “‘tards” was okay…just terrible. It’s sad to think that the little girl developed a split scottish personality because of her parents domestic violence disputes.