• Ultratech94
    End Of Transmission
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    well done you two. I swear I remember seeing a brief clip of this show as a kid during Saturday morning while drinking Cookies N Cream Quick. man, I’d love to see you two talk about Street Sharks, Earthworm Jim, Seaquest DSV, NBC’s Viper, Fox’s M.A.N.T.I.S., 90’s Double Dragon cartoon, and/or Sliders.

  • Trixie_is_best
    Bat Hero
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    I kind of remember this show years back, cant say I recall much of it. Although seeing it reviewed here, I see that its a cross between Knight Rider/Viper and Baywatch, yet largely focused on Hogan.

    For a series I remember much better from around the same time yet was short lived that you guys should review is Jack of all Trades with Bruce Campbell. Its cheesy, its fun, great theme and kind of follows the same formula of Hercules the Legendary Journey and Xena Warrior Princess. What can I say, you guys help remind me of the great shows of my past.

  • girlfromthebasement
    Old Man
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    I am really enjoying the Movie Nights set up.  I really like the casual feel of it.

  • Relaxo
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Ha, y’all were adorable in this one.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Has Phelan been visiting you for 2 months, or did you two move in together?

    Hulk Hogan is a great subject for the unintentionally hilarious. “Little Hercules in 3D,” “Suburban Commando,” “Santa with Muscles,” “The Secret Agent Club,” “Ultimate Weapon,” “Mr. Nanny,” & “No Holds Barred,” & “Thunder in Paradise” had two sequels.

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    I have so much fun watching these! 😀

  • Dunes
    Robert Cop
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    I don’t remember Hulk Hogan’s Pastamania.

  • Strongblade
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    “But Marge… It’s Knightboat! the Crime-fighting boat!”

  • SpeedyEric
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    Hey, Phalen, I’m also wearing a Ninja Turtles t-shirt, and that’s mostly because today is St. Patrick’s Day.

    I actullyremember watching some eisodes of this show on Sunday nights while I as waiting for The Simpsons to start.

    4:16- Not even Batman’s Batboat from the Adam West era to the modern era were like this.  This just shows that this show is pretty cheap.

    9:32- I’m guessing it’s the high-tech boat, weapons, satelites and stuff that got him bankrupt in the first place.

    “An eye for an eye” isn’t as catchy as Nick Fury’s “You need to keep both eyes open.”

    23:25- “Oh, don’t you talk about my boxes!  I LIKE BOXES!”

    27:38- Oh, Allison, the things that pop up in your head are one of the reasons why I’m a fan of your work.

    31:35- Insert Michael Bay joke here.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    That’s because it happened to far back in the Pastmania, before the internet even.

    • likalaruku
      Completely Useless Now
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      This was supposed to be a reply to Dunes. Every single time I get the Captcha wrong, it posts a reply as a standalone comment.

  • RunTheJewels
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    I didn’t realize that Allison was a wrestling fan as well! Loved it, great job!

  • Codythesickdog
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    It would be AWESOME to get the both of you and Brad to do this!
    Or just like guests to Movie Nights, because; let’s face movies are best shared with others.

  • browned79
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    The Baywatch influence is hard to miss.  Although in the early – mid 1990s, California surfer slang, doing radical things (to the extreme),  and all things beach/water-related were like, totally awesome to the max, dude.

    This show came out when Hulk Hogan was looking to branch out of his wrestling gig into restaurants, films and T.V shows.

    In addition to the pasta and Thunder in Paradise, their was a goofy film where Hogan starred as a warrior from outer space who crash lands on earth.  He proceeds to (mostly) pester an ‘average, every day’ family man (insert some sort of Back to the Future/Doc joke here

  • BarryTheMasterOfSandwich
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    The outfits you guys are wearing in this video are the awesomest.

  • JavaJoe
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    I’m sorry, but this “Movie Nights” format isn’t working for me. It feels too unscripted which might be what you’re going for but this leads to it being very disjointed and more often than not you go off on tangents that aren’t really about the movie or show in question.


    I understand wanting to break away from the Lupa character you played for TGWTG but maybe you’ve swung the bar a little too far away and need to bring it back a bit more. I also understand that it is your show, you’re going to play it like you want to play it and there’s really nothing I can do to change it. I will say that I really liked the reviews done with Phelous and Cinema Snob, they help to bring back some of the old manic magic.

  • Bryan_Shadowolf
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    For some reason that Thunder in Paradise theme reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_cGcLk0KPU

    I don’t know why? Maybe the way he sings Thunder in Paradise.


    Anyway we need some more of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVjY93xqsYc&list=PLSBKtXjWufGN2brpmPPiFVeC6SO9iATkB&index=7

  • M Chambers
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    I remember watching this show. I’m going to blame my sister again for getting me into it.

    Yes, the boat was AWSOME!!! Is was the best part of the show! It’s a small boat with it’s own NORAD style control room! And it had its own docking bay for other vehicles! Whatever the story called for the boat could do.

    Some of the episodes were downright funny as many of them just outright ripped off other movies including ‘Predator.’ NOT kidding! There was an episode where they fought the Predator!


    Another standout funny one was when they discovered groups of Confederate and Union soldiers in Florida still fighting the Civil War because they didn’t know it was over.