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    FIRSTS! (for me on this site, toos!). You beat me on the Cummings connection- I was excited for Part2 because of the IMDB entry (with an unaccountably high rating) showing him as part of the cast, and THANKS for DEFLATING that, Phe-LOUS. HMMPH(ironically)!

    I guess directing animation within a live action career didn’t work as well for Cirio H. Santiago (whose not-proto-‘Expendables’ BradSnob reviewed, and I rented from the Southern CT State University library) as for Zack Snyder, huh? At least his producer and mainland-counterpart/buddy Corman has cool Vincent Price flicks made across-the-pond (though he had Nic Roeg helping cinematographically for ‘Masque of the Red Death’).

    Whoa, long first post.

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    second!Omgggphelous i’m sooo happy your back ;~;

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    We missed you… 

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    sweet part DU!!! is opon us 

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    To add to their body count, in the Reading Rainbow section, they fly past Icarus and Daedalus, and they are the ones who cause Icarus to fly to high and therefore fall to his death.  And they just keep on flying past him as his feathers start to fall out, because they are AWFUL PEOPLE.


    Five stars, Phelous! This was an amazing review. ­čÖé

  • Leech
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    Great review, Phelous! Completely lost it at Cleopatra’s strange barbie-doll servants. On an educated guess, though, Aladdin didn’t get stuck in the kraken’s anus, the animator’s simply had no idea what a Kraken was supposed to work like and made it into some sort of whale-like creature with a blowhole on its head. At least that’s what I think it’s supposed to be…

    You  know, screw this! Aladdin getting stuck in the kraken’s asshole is much funnier!

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    Awesome, that FF reference made my day.

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    I guess the whole ‘Linkara reviews lamps’ thing is too played out for me to make a reference, so stop reading this sentence now please.

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    Wow that was the first Shadow of Destiny referance I think I’ve ever seen.  I thought I was the only person that played that game.  Good to see Halloweenie too!

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    No see, you don’t get it, they were trying to educate kids about Blackbeard, but kids are so dumb that they might hear the name and assume that the actual beard is famous.  The obvious solution was to give him a prehensile beard.  Okay, maybe they weren’t trying to educate kids.

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    Phelous….man the things you find…they be nightmarish

  • SailorMoonFan9000
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    i just looked up the actors that worked on this rejected CD-i Animation

    they aren’t huge names but they aren’t Z-Grade schlock actors either…..

    Jim Cummings and two Powerpuff girls are really the highlight voices

    but oy vey this movie is the shitstain on these actors collective carreers

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    Phelous can make anything Phunny. Except the captchas.

  • Freeze Peach
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    The more Aladdin shows his true colors as a chaotic evil, the more I begin to think Scheherazade was right in trying to execute him.

    Secondly, how could have Scheherazade been known as the “most generous queen” when Wordsworth’s history lessons linearly┬áreference Aladdin and Paige’s interference in history like making Cleopatra beautiful and creating Blackbeard himself?

    This movie is impossible according to any sort of logical consistency… But I guess just a glance at it would clue you into that fact.

    • Freeze Peach
      Freeze Peach
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      Oh, nevermind… They did make Scheherazade the “most generous queen”. I should watch videos until the end before I comment.

      Of course, it doesn’t erase logical inconsistency, it just replaces one inconsistency with a worse one.┬áIf there were no Blonde/Blackbeard, Cleopatra/-fatra or evil/good Scheherazade before Aladdin-hole and Paige wished upon a star for their existence, the deadly duo wouldn’t even be on this damn time-transcending killing spree.

      I’m putting way too much thought into this┬áAladdin and Paige’s Bogus Journey.

  • OrangeRider
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    Why did they have to make Scheherazade the main villain of this? I mean, she wrote A Ten Thousand and One Nights just to save her husband’s life! Most of this movie made that Jem and the Holograms wannabe be like Rasputin from Anastasia (he was an ally of the Romanovs in real life and not gay as the Japanese version of SNK VS. Capcom suggests) and I am 1/4-Persian/Iranian (which is near the Middle East or in it)!