• DarkPythagoras
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    This is the most random dvd review I have ever witnessed, congrats on enduring such a daunting and arduous task. I wonder if Leslie would’ve been killed by Richard had the window not been chosen. Of course, I should assume she runs into the lobby and is at gunpoint when Jack shows up and knocks Richard down with the door. 

  • obsolete
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    awesome more commentary on more 1990’s incompetent shit xD


    ( I have watched to much of the baywatch stream in the last 2/3 weeks)

  • smithc93
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    Michael Ian Black and Ben Garrent helped write this? Black wrote for  “The State” and was in “Wet Hot American Summer” as well as other David Wain/Michael Showalter movies and projects. Ben Garrent wrote and created Reno 911:Miami and other lesser movies (the Night at the Museaum‘s, Herbie:Fully Loaded and Balls of Fury). 


    But the icing on the cake is Bob Bejan, the writer/composer, director and prodcuer of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells. How did this not work? 

  • Steve3
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    Smithc93 you’re like my long last brother, laying out the facts just one step ahead of me!

    I can only add that Garant was on The State as well, and that A Whitney Brown (credited as Prof Bob, who I did not see in either playthrough) was once on Saturday Night Live during the Weekend Update part in the 90s.

    Source: I’m old as shit.

  • EpicFish
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    I knew I recognized the actor playing Richard, it’s good ol’ Neidermeyer (Mark Metcalf)!

    “Is that pledge pin on your uniform?!?”

  • Laserface
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    The actor who played Richard was also Maestro from those two episodes of Seinfeld.

  • likalaruku
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    PMV: Phull Motion Video.