• kanoyume
    Comments: 15

    Phelan AND the nostalgia monster cereals?!  It’s a Halloween miracle!  In September!

  • LSWSjr
    Comments: 16

    When exactly did this happen? I mean I know it’s an Obscurus Lupa video, but didn’t her boyfriend die five years ago before they even met?!?

    This is madness, madness I tell you… or it’s really just Phaylus (with a new spiffy haircut), host of the Bootleg Zones, masquerading as Phelan… or something.

    Now I’m sad and confused… Bloody confusing metaplots of dead reviewers, damn them all to hell.


  • IraeNicole
    Comments: 8

    I want to try Frute Brute now since it has the Phelan Seal of Approval. Plus I like Cherry flavored things and this sounds promising.

    Didn’t the science thing have a whole line of junk kids could buy to make gummy bugs and all kinds of stuff? I would suggest you guys could try those next but that might be a lot of investment for little pay off.

    Also, I am glad I have a kitty of my own cause I wanted to rub Ash’s fuzzy belly so bad.

  • wetman
    Comments: 69

    10:30; Phelan agreeing with himself that marshmellow jokes are stupid…