• Earthbound_X
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    Normally, since I love Silent Hill, I’d watch this movie before the review because of spoilers, but since I heard this was really terrible, and that was from people who really liked the first movie I don’t feel the need.

  • chrisbg99
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    Yes that looks like poo. I’m glad I didn’t bother seeing it.

  • silbmaerto
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    Dammit Failous, how dare you criticize my fav movie ever, for reals yo!

  • Handsome Pete
    Handsome Pete
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    I like how everyone is doing a little show for Heather.  Like that jump scare when she runs into the clown, from Heather’s POV you can see him actually getting in her face and shaking his head from side to side.  It would have only been slightly more over the top if he said “ooga booga.”

  • valou999
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    While I actually liked the first movie and disagreed with a lot of your complaints about it, Silent Hill Revelation is indeed a monumental turd… They suddenly tried sticking closer to the game which simultaneously ruins the first movie, confuses the shit out of people who aren’t familiar with the games and pisses off the fans of the series. If they really wanted to make a sequel then they should’ve continued with the plot started in the previous movie and kept doing it’s own thing seperate from the game storyline…

  • Dad
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    The manican monster looks rediculous, they didn’t even try to make it blend with the live action and how could they when it’s literally IN YOUR FACE SCARY!

    I thought of you the moment I saw Pyramid Head only I imagined it would be more like, [Grimlock voice] “Weeeeee! Best gig I ever got! Doo dee doo dee doooo!”

  • Cryptic
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    haha. Figures Jon Snow would be bad with girls.

    Also Ned Stark.

  • HandsomeRatch
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    This one falls into the category of “so bad it’s funny” for me. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing during the second half, shit was ridiculous.  

  • HookupsJZA
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    I wsa so excited for your review.  Too bad 30 seconds in, back to back advertisements play and then the video is over.  I’ll go try to find this on youtube …

  • The Four Seven
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    I gotta say I still really like that picture of you in profile during the end credits. You ever going to go back to having a full beard?

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    you were warned

  • StCerberusEngel
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    I love the way that one of the movies that inspired the original games captured the feeling of complete isolation and bizarre surreal atmosphere that those games are (in turn) known for, and yet the movie based on the games had NOTHING left of what made the games or that movie so memorable.


    Want a better Silent Hill movie?  Watch Jacob’s Ladder.  Or for that matter, 1408.

  • Lelouch
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    I don’t get calling the horror of the game subtle. Bloody screeching monsters are in your face constantly as fog and blood spatters are all over the place. As if already creepy settings like empty amusement parks and deserted malls need that.