• dennett316
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    Rorion Gracie (mustache guy) is a part of the Gracie family who are experts in Jiu-Jitsu…he’s a proper martial arts guy.  Wonder how he was portrayed in the rest of the flick in terms of his fighting…that’s probably why he was able to escape Rothrock’s hold, they didn’t want him to look bad or something.

    The film also stars Tony Halme, who played Ludvig Borga in the WWF.  This movie has a slightly weird cast to go along with the premise.  It seems to weird to be dull, how disappointing that they messed it up.

  • EpicFish
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    If it surprises you that that idea would be crazy for a movie then you should check out The Dirty Dozen (1967). It stars Lee Marvin, Donald Sutherland, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, Telly Sevalas, John Cassavetes and other well-known actors from that time on the same premise only set during WWII so the inmates on Death Row have to fight a ring of Nazis at a party in Germany in order to have their sentences pardoned by the state. Not to mention it’s the American government’s idea to recruit them into the U.S. Army, the twelve inmates all have specialties that would come in handy on the mission(one knows enough German to fool any Nazis that might approach him at the party, another can rig explosives), the characters have depth and are likeable even if a couple are assholes and they actually get run through a boot camp that is considered tougher than what normal cadets are put through and they meticulously go over the plan of sabotoge up until they parachute out of the plane and infiltrate the Nazi mansion. It’s a really good flick.

  • Steve3
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    Good call Epicfish. But the whole point of the Dirty Dozen was that it was basically a suicide mission- so you wouldn’t waste elite teams on it, and that the mission itself was very shady- go murder a shit-ton of German industrialists/bigwig civilians– so nobody wanted to be involved. The guys in this one appear to be choppering over to Santa Barbara and cleansing a boat of terrorists.