• Nidote
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    I was expecting a “I hate Christmas, I think it’s the worst!” from Koopa… seeing as he became the shredder of christmas. Ah well, still worth the wait.

  • megadolaon
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    camera upgrade! Holy crap! Suddenly these reviews became very cinematic reviews. With shallow focuses and everything lol!

    and that was a terrific dancing bit at the end.

  • turbowolf7
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    this show was at times better than TMNT growing up. when the mario movie was coming out i really hoped cap’n lou and danny wells were the actors, but (cue sad charlie brown xmas music) we got shiiiieeeeetttt. that was more like cowabunga shiiiieeeeeeettttttt!!!!!! i’m so glad someone besides me hates toad (and his squeaky effects) and oogtar. this may be my favorite review ever especially with the epic end credits. also glad mario finally broke down and joined your show. keep up the dinobunga awesomeness. btw i hope you don’t stay toad, get better!

  • Steve3
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    Merry Christmas Phelous!

  • sylice
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    In this clip German Toad says (reproachfully):

    • “But princess, it’s crystal-clear: who would take hard cash, if you can get some beans for it!”

    Do I sense a theme in this series? 😛 Toad’s a dick, we don’t want him here, either… maybe send him to Sonics Genocide City? *outch* ^^



  • Sephiroth1204
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    So, true chistmas spirit is about caring more for a present than the lives of your friends? Good to know.

     That scene actually made me do a spit-take.
    Genocide city? That’s dark, even for Sonic’s premise of pollution, destruction, wars and turning happy woodland critters into mindless robots…

    And I finally made an account for your site. Woo!

  • Winter_Soldier
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    The kid at the beginning looked really familiar so I looked him up.  Turns out he was the kid from Blank Check.  Also was on Family Ties and Star Trek:TNG.


    The more you know…

  • BegleiterKubus
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    actually. i always liked the german voice actor for toad and i liked the show when it was broatcasted. but why does not german people (esp. north americans^^) draw paralelles to a certain person. he wasnt the only prick in history who did that what he did. but its not that you have to appologize for. maybe you just dont know better (jk). im glad that you did think of us and you are aware of that we exist in this deep parts of the internet 🙂 

    ps. sry for my bad english though…gramma isnt exactly my space of territory even in german 😐

  • DBslayer7
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    Geez! Phelous, getting your moneys worth on that HD camera huh?

  • octo7
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    Great review, love the new camera. 

  • likalaruku
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    Nice title card. ^_^

    So….Have you seen the Mario anime? I don’t support Mario-Peach, so I had no problem with the ending.

    Koopa hates Christmas ironically.

    I keep wanting to call her Princess Daisy.

    I find Tod’s apathy hilarious.

    The editing always cracks me up.

    This calls for a Ba-hum-koop Techno Remix.

    Yeah, the last series was really dumbed down & done on the cheap.

  • Scooter
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    Excited Kano looks excited! Have a merry Christmas, Phelous and Lupa!

  • Orochi9
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    It’s great to see the Mortal Komedy cast again. I always keep open the hope of a new episode.

  • catocat9002
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    But, What if the bob-omb was meant for the creepy children?

  • HookupsJZA
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    Did Mario really say, “if you do drugs you go to hell before you die.”   ??!!??!!??!!??

  • b1tRider
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    `miserable mushroom of hate!`  lol..I love that line..hilarious review as always 🙂 


  • XiaolinDeadpan
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    remember kids if you do drugs you go to hell before you die

    *peeweeherman voice* THIS IS CRACK!!!

  • Jellah-Feesh
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    It’s a game where the goal is to eat fruit and become happy! A winning combination if ever there was one 🙂

  • Codythesickdog
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    I agree, the Mario shows were not as bad as most people say, I personally think the Nostalgia Critic was abit to harsh on the show.

  • xylaph
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    You know, I think I’ve been watching Phelous too much recently. Instead of recognizing the obvious Fire Flower reference at the start, I was thinking it was a Blood Orchid he was holding.