• Desertpunk23
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    Che tipo di perdente sarebbe vantarsi di essere il primo

    Owell happy Halloween Phelous lol

  • joshmartyn
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    i know i should comment on the movie but all i’m thinking about is the shity commercal in before the reveiw why is it there and whats the point?

    • Steve3
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      i know i should comment on the movie but all i’m thinking about is the shitty commercial in before the review why is it there and whats the point?



      Uhhhhhhh, revenue? (It pays for giant skulls and beards)


      The musical choices in this review made me dust off my old mp3 of AIM’s Cold Water Music to play “Demonique”

  • Pyroxlr
    Old Man
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    whoa i never realized Malcom McDowell made a small reference to A Clockwork Orange in the movie…..i least i think its one. When he says “…let me make things nice and sparkling clear…”.

  • geddyb
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    Great review!  I so hope to see Micheal Myers in future reviews… had me cracking up.. best review i’ve seen on TGWTG in some time!

  • Indiana
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    Phelous, you bully Michael wayyy too much… Play nice, mkay?

  • Razorgeist
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    Yeah that ghost trap is awesome.

  • likalaruku
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    Lori looks like Ke$ha. & baby Mike is the pretty one from Hansen.

    The Silent Hill Dog works so well with this. XD

    Does that make the Nostalgia Critic our savior?

    Oh noes….Micheal Myers is DEED!

    The end skit was funny enough, but the containment unit had me rolling.

  • JonTartan
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    That was amazing.

  • Troggyman
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    Gotta love the thingamajig that fell in the background. It’s the little things. It’s sad when Phelous version of Michael is the best one since the original (movie 1-2, h2o by a stretch), and it’s a parody! If Rob Zombie is so obsessed with putting long unkept hair and beard on all characters, why not just make a film about homeless people?

  • eecartman
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    It would have been better if Rob Zombie had used Free Bird for the Michel death scean. After all it looked just like the end death scean to Devils Rejects.

  • IHadAShotgun
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    What a staggeringly unpleasant and pointless movie.  It was hard enough to stomach it even with your gags to intersperse the grimy shit, must’ve been the worst to actually sit through.

  • Count Montivan
    Count Montivan
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    I’ve actually seen this movie before. I don’t know why I finished watching it, it wasn’t good and I wasn’t even enjoying it for how bad it was. It was like it was so bad it killed my brain for a bit.


    Oh man, that part when the plate fell in the background was an accident and you just decided to use the take wasn’t it?


    I thought the dream sequence was stupid too. When it happened I was taken aback, it was like “Wait… what? Really? Why!?”.


    I really liked this but I have to say I hated the “Lori Being Terrible” montage. It was just really grating and the SH2 Music didn’t help. Other than that, everything was good and funny. I even liked the overused gag segment, which I will now refer to as “Dear Michael”.

  • BoyandHorse
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    Dear Crom that was a terrible looking movie, I am so glad I don’t have to watch the whole thing now.

    Does anybody know what exactly happened in Rob Zombie’s childhood that led him to believe that family is bad and that normal people curse and yell at each other like that? When she started yelled for Annie to get out of her room, did Annie yell at her to get out of her house?

    Nothing about this movie make a lick of sense, unless you take it as a joke, a bad joke.

    Nope, that won’t work either, the only funny part is Margot Kidder as a Psychiatrist.

    …this Franchise is deed. D. E. E. D

  • Dejablue
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    every time i hear about Rob Zombie movie I never hear anything good…

    • SelfPityG2
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      Try talking to some actual Rob Zombie fans. It’ll change your life, man. And by that, I mean, it’ll make you question how anyone alive can actually like this crap.

  • RedSarah
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    Wow. Did he seriously spell “dead” D-E-E-D?

    I enjoyed hearing “Hide and Seek” again, but I am going to laugh every time I hear “Love Hurts” from now on. I’m not sure if it ruins it or enhances it for me…

    And Margot Kidder as a psychiatrist…yikes.

  • TheCreep420
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    Are those pot leaves painted in red on the walls? There is a big one in the upper left corner in back of Phelous and another one, small, to the left of the window behind Michael Myers. That’s pretty funny.

  • Richter The Eternal
    Richter The Eternal
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    Thank god, that Zombie didn’t get creative control to show his director’s cut in theaters, because as soon as I heard Laurie’s constant, repetitive screaming, I would have dragged my lady friend out of the theater with me to demand our money back. I came to see a slasher horror movie, not a torture horror flick in which we the audience literally gets tortured by a shrieking harpy on film.

  • BlueCurse60
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    You know, Wesker throwing his sun glasses at the camera would make a better film than Rob Zombie’s Halloween films.

  • The Four Seven
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    I’m so jealous of your Ghostbusters costume and props.

  • rekrings
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    when my bud got this piece of dinosaur shit movie. I wasn’t going to watch this shit because the first one sucked. Well he draged me to his place to watch this movie.Here is my At the Movies review. (AHEM) They took the unstoppable force of nature that spawned every masked slasher to hit the theaters in the 80’s Jason Voorees I’m looking at you  and turned him into a trailer park trash PUSSY and they took his obsessive doctor who fought this evil with every breath in his body and turned him into nothing more then a money grubbing whore. OH AND WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THE WHITE FUCKING HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!! Robby trying to tell me Micheal Myers was driven to kill because he watched a Mr. Ed marathon and I was so happy that this piece of shit was almost over then trailer park trash boy spoke and I could feel a brain vessel pop. The only satisfaction came from this movie was trowing it in the air and bashing it with a baseball bat  

  • TD Powell
    TD Powell
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    Regardless of how awful the movie is, I think we can all agree that the Weird Al cameo was hilarious.

  • IronJustice
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    Yes, Phelous’ symbol is “EEEAAGGH SLIMER!”

    If you make a coffee mug and put on it a picture of yourself proudly displaying Slimer, saying that line, I will buy it.

  • Spike
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    This is the most obnoxiously bad horror movie I can possibly even imagine being conceived of in our universe! What was the point of this movie?! Oh right, on the studio’s part it was a quick buck to cash-grab on the nostalgia of the Halloween franchise, sure that makes sense. But from the perspective of the director and writing staff, what the fuck were they even trying to accomplish?!

    I cannot understand how anyone could possibly enjoy this film, with the exception of that goddamn unintentionally hilarious final moment with “Love Hurts” playing  which was meant to be taken seriously!