• Rakmi
    Comments: 78

    Perpetual shades

  • Demien
    Comments: 6

    Edumaction time!

    Dum dum rounds are real thing. Second name for expanding bullets.


    And forgot to say: love your work. Both of you

  • RUcussingwithme
    Comments: 10

    The face you make phelous when you die when looking for the case is priceless! Hahaha! 

    Im really enjoying this so far!

  • IHadAShotgun
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 26

    Dunno if either of you read much, but the Resident Evil books by S.D. Perry are well worth a look. Loving the let’s play too, looking forward to the Enrico and Barry scenes.

  • stonedXmonkeysXhero
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 22

    i am still curious phelous about your opinion on re5. i hated to many shit for me to like it but i think it is a fun game? i feel psychotic because i hate so many things about the game… but the gameplay is the one f@#$%! thing good about it… i woulda been fine as long as the story was good… yeah what a fuck up huh?

  • kagesonofbaator
    Comments: 8

    We’ll be back with the resident evil Let’s Pee? The character descriptions with the porno tone was great.
    Don’t you wish you had Harry’s kick of death in this game?

    Dumdum bullets are anti-personal.

  • Johro
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 25

    Greatest LP ever.  Even better than Silent Hill so far.

  • DarkBee
    Old Man
    Comments: 2

    Just a minor comment about something Allison said: if I’m correct, you watched Down. It’s a remake of (one of) the best Dutch horror movie De lift, and you should watch that one instead. It’s cheesy, being filmed in 1983 and all, but really good for what it is and with the ridiculous story premise.


    Other than that, love to see you silly couple play these games and being all cute and funny.

  • Steve3
    I'm THE BEST!
    Comments: 104

    Rofl at “That’s for Bowies” in Pt. 4. I guess TGWTG contributors see the same repeating ads we do.

  • Batphil
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 23

    Nice Let’s p. I have to say although I enjoy your reviews more your let’s play is entertaining to say the least. Part three was great i have to say. Dying and then dooing it over so you made minimal progress. I have to say well done. It is really great when the person doing the let’s play is alright with dying and continuing and letting everyone see the let’s play in it’s entirety and not cutting out deaths. I look forward to the next two parts.

  • SsnakeBite
    Comments: 76

    Phelous, I hope you realize how much of a lucky bastard you are: not only is your girlfriend into videogames, but she’s happy with watching you play AND feeds you Kinder Eggs at the same time. Most people have to die to attain this level of happiness.

    • Kane987245
      Comments: 6

      I would have to agree with that statment. This LP is very funny and entertaining. It is not just you guys sitting there and looking bored. You both always look like you are having  a fun time and enjoy each other’s company! Keep it up. I swear you two are made for each other lol.

  • KaitoKId
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    Needs more snacks! Besides that cant wait for the next parts!

  • Tom P.
    Old Man
    Comments: 4

    You’re right Phelan, Code Veronica IS awesome. The knife is actually useful, and the game itself is one of the best in the series. Great story and gameplay for classic RE 😀

  • CuriouserSquared
    Old Man
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    Well, kind of. Sort of. Not really… to be exact, she speak-sings much in the same way Rex Harrison did for “My Fair Lady”.

    Hey Phelous, long time viewer, first time commenter. I thought it was strange you mentioned Milla Jovovich singing. A couple of hours before I watched this video I was puttering around on YouTube. I was watching a video that had this song I had never heard of in the background with this woman “singing” in it. There was no indentification of the song in the video so I Googled the lyrics and it turns out the singer was Milla! Now I’m not a fan of hers and it looks like she does guest vocals on some of this group’s songs, but it’s actually a pretty decent tune. Check it out for yourself on YouTube, search for Puscifer Mission.

  • megadolaon
    Bat Hero
    Comments: 82

    these ghostbuster jokes. I don’t understand!! 🙁

    anyway, Phelan you were expert mode this time. Although, I’d prefer to watch LP the Alison Pregler edition.

    oh, and that gang rape at around 16min was pretty hilarious. BA DA DA DA DAaaaaaa………….DA!

  • RLeaf
    Comments: 11

     Kinder toys are the best! I always laugh at how Aryan the boy is on the box. It’s just like Farina; why are these kids Village of the Damned white?