• WPB
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    Radu’s smiling? I don’t like the look of this already…

  • Bring The Fate
    Bring The Fate
    Old Man
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    Oh my god, I’d completely forgotten about this until the dinosaur band started up. I kept half-singing the lyrics to that song even when Radu was speaking over it. But the chalkboard bit is by far the worst part. Even as a kid, I remember wanting those kids that kept talking in the middle of it to shut the hell up and ended up skipping forward most of the time, anyway.

  • bakklajohn
    Old Man
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    Oh god I love this character so much! Please keep RRs coming!

  • KaijuKid
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I used to watch this literally every day as a child.  When the video and music started up my brain kind of exploded with a flood of forgotten memories.  Had to immediately run to Youtube and watch the whole thing again.  Wow.  25 years later and I still remember way too many of the lines 😛  My eternal thanks to Radu for jogging some great deep childhood nostalgia here.